“Sala discriminates against Italians”. The League nails the Municipality

“Sala discriminates against Italians”. The League nails the Municipality
“Sala discriminates against Italians”. The League nails the Municipality

“Sala discriminates against Italians”: with this banner, a group of militants and activists of the League started a garrison in front of Palazzo Marino (Milan). Led by the MEP, as well as municipal councilor of the Carroccio, Silvia Sardone and by the commissioner of the League in Milan Stefano Bolognini, the demonstrators wanted to denounce the heavy “discrimination against Italians, systematically bypassed by foreigners in every ranking concerning the social policies of the Municipality”. Among those present also the deputy Federica Zanella, the senator Maria Cristina Cantù and some municipal and regional councilors of the Carroccio

The words of Sardone and Bolognini

“We testify to the absolute disproportion in the users of the measures provided by the Municipality of Milan”, denounces the MEP, who then goes into detail on the issue. “For example with regard to support for the income measure 1 (for families with minors) and measure 2 (without minors) end up 10 times more to foreigners than to Italians. Foreigners always come before Italians in every item concerning welfare, from work grants to income aid, from canteen exemptions to baby cards “.

An evident disproportion in the numbers, which prompted the representatives of the Carroccio to make accusations of racism against Italians by the mayor of Milan Beppe Sala. “It is evident how these numbers certify the prevailing ideology of the left: this is true racism towards Italians, systematically bypassed in every ranking regarding social policies”, he adds Silvia Sardone. “A worrying situation especially now that there is a serious economic crisis. We need a decisive and clear change of gear, possible only with a center-right administration”, conclude.

A situation that has become unacceptable, he explains bluntly too Stefano Bolognini. “We are the only party that proudly says Italians first”, declares the commissioner of the Lega in Milan. “Nobody is against foreigners who want to integrate and work but it is obvious that a ratio of 10 to 1 in beneficiaries of subsidies is unacceptable”. On the dock, therefore, the mayor Beppe Sala and the municipal council that supports him:“The Municipality and the Mayor make fun of the Italians in need, especially now that we see hundreds of Milanese queuing up at the Pane Quotidiano, at Caritas, at the soup kitchens”, Bolognini says in conclusion, “We are tired of this reverse discrimination!”.


Sala discriminates Italians League nails Municipality

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