The Tar sentence overturned: the Sea Watch 4 returns to seizure

The Tar sentence overturned: the Sea Watch 4 returns to seizure
The Tar sentence overturned: the Sea Watch 4 returns to seizure

Currently it is still a Trapani and will probably remain there for several weeks: in fact today the Administrative Justice Council of the Sicilian Region has again seized the Sea Watch 4, the ship of the German NGO Sea Watch.

The sentence, filed in the last few hours, overturned the one established by Tar. The story is in September 2020, when the new ship flying the German flag following a control by the Coast Guard was reached by an administrative detention. The Sea Watch 4 remained anchored for several months in Palermo, until last March when the TAR had instead ordered the suspension of the seizure.

And in fact the ship was able to set sail again. On 4 May, the German NGO vehicle brought 456 migrants to Trapani, thus giving rise to one of the most important landings in Italy in recent months.

Just yesterday on Twitter activists wrote of

, arranged after disembarkation, to leave again. But it will not be so: “In the absence of specific prescriptions on the technical characteristics of the rescue units – reads the judgment of the Administrative Justice Council – the patrol, search and rescue service at sea must take place in safe conditions for the same people rescued, for the crew (regarding, among other things, the sufficiency of the toilets and adequate shifts of the personnel), for navigation, for the environment, conditions that are currently not found on board “.

In short, before leaving the Sea Watch 4 must comply. This for thesafety of all people on board, including migrants reached in the central Mediterranean during missions off the Libyan coast. Or, alternatively, the NGO should proceed with the remodeling of its service based on the current structural conditions of the ship.

The Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure presented the appeal against the decision of the TAR of last March. For now, no official comments from activists have been detected on social networks. The only statement to that effect came from Giorgia Linardi, spokesman for Sea Watch: “We take note of this – declared in La Stampa in the past few hours – it being understood that for us the real game is played at the level of the European Court. However, we note how the Coast Guard’s fury towards NGOs continues ”.

The stop applied on the Sea Watch 4 is certainly not the first to concern an NGO ship. On the contrary, from 2019 onwards the means reached by administrative seizures are different. In spite of what was said above all by the center-left, it was after the end of the Salvini era at the Viminale that the number of stops to so-called humanitarian ships increased. Currently under seizure there is also the Spanish ship Open Arms, anchored from 21 April in Pozzallo.

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