there is Milan. To the Juve, Barcelona and Real Madrid regulations –

there is Milan. To the Juve, Barcelona and Real Madrid regulations –
there is Milan. To the Juve, Barcelona and Real Madrid regulations –

Welcome back. UEFA has reached an agreement with nine clubs of the (former) Super League: three diehards remain out, Juventus, Barcelona and Real Madrid. UEFA sends them back to the disciplinary bodies that will evaluate which sanctions to adopt: two days ago the indiscretion – served as a form of pressure – that they could be excluded from the Cups for two years was released. We’ll see. It must be said that for the clubs, which are strong in the decision of the Madrid Court of 20 April, UEFA has no power to impose sanctions.

Sanctions accepted

But let’s see what the Uefa statement says. Each of these nine clubs – it reads – recognizes and accepts without reservation the binding nature of the UEFA Statutes; remains committed and will participate in any Uefa competition in every season in which he will qualify for sporting merit; will be part of the European Club Association (Eca), which is the only representative body for clubs recognized by UEFA; will take all measures in its power to put an end to involvement in the established company to form and manage the Super League and cease any existing related lawsuits. This is one of the central points: Perez and the other clubs wanted in factcontinue the case with the Antitrust Authority to establish the dominant position of UEFA; as a gesture of goodwill, and together with other clubs, will make a donation for a total of 15 million euros, to be used for the benefit of children, youth and grassroots football in local communities across Europe, including the UK; will be subject to the withholding 5% of the revenues they would have received from UEFA competitions per club for one season, which will be redistributed; agrees to receive fines if he tries to play in an unauthorized competition (€ 100 million) or if he violates any other commitments he has entered into in the club’s Declaration of Commitment (€ 50 million); provide individual commitments to UEFA to accept all the principles and values ​​established in the 2019 Memorandum of Understanding between UEFA and the European Club Association.

The UEFA press release

Uefa president Aleksander Ceferin commented: It takes a strong organization to admit having made a mistake and these nine clubs did it and apologized. The same cannot be said for the clubs that remain involved in the Super League.

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