Who is Walter Biot the Italian officer arrested for espionage – Chronicle

He was near the end of his career, which started very early, Walter Biot, the Navy frigate captain arrested for espionage. An accusation that left many who knew him incredulous. His current post was in the Third Department of the Defense Staff, Military Policy and Planning Office. A delicate sector, at the highest levels of the military instrument. The staff of that office, in fact, helps to form the political directives on the subject of security and defense and then translates them into technical-military directives. Not only that, among other tasks it also has that of managing international relations attributable to the Chief of Defense and drawing up the lines of action on detente and disarmament, as well as providing advice in international negotiations of military interest.

In short, many hot dossiers. Biot, 56, had embarked on a military career in the Navy as a boy and had become a non-commissioned officer. Then, with an internal competition, the passage between the officers. Just as an officer of the ‘special role’ he qualified himself as a “fighter guide”: in technical jargon, those soldiers assigned to air operations in their various forms, from radar management to control and guidance, in fact, of interceptor fighters. For many years – precisely following this specialization – he was embarked, first on destroyers and then on the aircraft carrier Garibaldi.

Then around 2008 he moved to the Navy General Staff, at the press office. From December 2010 to August 2015 he worked in the international section of Public Information of the Ministry of Defense, a period during which the ministers alternated. Subsequently, the transition to the Defense Staff, where he landed at the Military Policy office. Married, Biot lives in Pomezia, near Rome, and has four children. In recent years, it seems, he had serious family problems. Tomorrow he will be questioned and that will be the moment in which the officer – whose correctness always demonstrated by those who know him in these hours underlines – will give his version of the facts.

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