Zingaretti mayor of Rome? The grillini prepare the trip

Zingaretti mayor of Rome? The grillini prepare the trip
Zingaretti mayor of Rome? The grillini prepare the trip

Nicola Zingaretti new candidate for mayor of Rome? The secretary of the Democratic Party and current governor of the Lazio region would be tempted by the race to the Capitol, as he was attracted by the electoral polls that would place him at the top of the preferences of Roman citizens. What Zinga fears, however, is that the current Grillini allies may take this candidacy as a gauntlet and give him a good trip in the regional council. In fact, if the pentastellato support were lacking, the current majority would falter inexorably.

According to reports on Tpi da Marco Antonellis these would be the thoughts that would literally take the sleep from the dem secretary, even if from the Lazio region there are those who talk about fake news. Other newspapers, even, say they are so sure of Zinga’s climb to the Capitol that they report Saturday as the date of his big announcement. In the regional council the men of the Democratic Party minimize and ironize on the issue: “The only thing Zingaretti will do on Saturday is to get vaccinated. With Astrazeneca”.

Strengthened by a parliamentary contact with a man very close to the Democratic Party secretary, Antonellis instead tells another story. “Nicola has posed a very important political question for a month. He wants to stay in the Region, he has no ambitions of any kind other than to get his community out of the Covid emergency”. The voting intentions of the Romans would, however, be pushing the dem leader to seriously consider his candidacy. On him .

Obstructing the re-nomination of the Rays would be a setback for the Grillini allies, which is why Zinga trembles and “It poses a political problem as big as a house: who guarantees that the CinqueStelle, a minute after its announcement, will not break up and bring down the junta in the Region?”. Zinga then looks to the Capitol but at the same time he tries to protect the seat of governor of Lazio. If he lost her, what would happen? “At that point a terrible mess would be created, we would vote together for the Region and the Municipality in a bad climate between M5S and Pd. The Region would almost certainly be lost and the Capitol affair could also be compromised. A true masterpiece …”, explains Marco Antonellis’ contact again.

The grillini, among other things, have also become precious allies at the national level, so Zinga the strategist must plan his next steps well in order not to fall in a thunderous way: “The current moment of the Five Stars also weighs, as they are without an official leader. It is a very difficult negotiation, which in fact has been going on for a month, on which I do not make any predictions. But keeping it simple seems to me a journalistic stretch”.

The fact is that time passes inexorably and the dem have not yet decided what to do for the Capitol: in the event that they choose a strong candidate, able to put a spoke in the wheels of the Rays, they should certainly give up something.

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