a torpedo – Libero Quotidiano

a torpedo – Libero Quotidiano
a torpedo – Libero Quotidiano

Massimo Giletti is one that the Rai he knows it well as he has been there for 29 years. She knows how influenced she is by politicians, how much pressure there is and now, in an interview with The print, the conductor of It is not the arena, for four years now a La7, comments the Fedez case: “How much cultural weakness in not understanding that half a sentence of such skilled and influential characters is enough and you are doomed: make those who, perhaps, have not even been the object of censorship become a martyr. The true martyrs are others “, he attacks.

And then “there is a lot hypocrisy: the parliament, as it should be, it holds control over a public company. The problem is that in the days of Ettore Bernabei, the highest expression of power and politics, there were great executives who had the product at the center and knew how to say no to a certain type of pressure. Today there is a decline in quality and skills in the management of the company “, continues Giletti.” A part of the company works great and another part is prone to political powers. In a form of vassalage that makes me very sad “.

For his part, Fedez was skilled, observes the journalist, in fact he managed to “transform into an event a little thing that no one would ever take care of. This story tells the cultural weakness of a structure that does not understand that certain things cannot be said. Fedez may well be good at marketing himself but he is also an artist who has to talk about what he wants on stage. Instead, everyone ended up talking about the case. Salvini himself could not answer Fedez. You have to wink, you have to invite him for a coffee. Moral of the story: you can’t censor Fedez who has millions of people following him. “

But Rai is Rai. While in a private network the “pressures” are minimal, if not non-existent. “I challenge you to ask any of my colleagues if Cairo has ever made a phone call to Mentana, Floris and all the others to ask for something. La7 for four years and my decision on the future will weigh on my sense of freedom. Because I make a television that is at the ‘limit’. The battles against Bonafede and the release of the mafia. Or the one I did, isolated, against Arcuri I could never have done them elsewhere “.

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torpedo Libero Quotidiano

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