Fdi a Barmasse, real assumptions of his relatives in health care? – Valle d’Aosta

“We would like to include interim hiring procedures”

“We have learned that in the boardrooms, in the Group offices and among various information operators, increasingly insistent rumors are circulating in these hours about any recruitments made in the health administrative sector that would have been carried out by direct call after the registration of candidates to a temporary agency agency that concerns close relatives of the Councilor for Health Roberto Barmasse. Since no one seems to have the courage or the interest to express himself, we ask the question also in order to dispel any doubts about it. : is the rumor true or is it devoid of any foundation? “. This is what he writes in a post on facebook Fratelli di Italia Valle d’Aosta adding: “Beyond the hypothesized involvement of the Councilor’s close relatives, we would like to understand the executive procedures used by resorting to temporary agency agencies to proceed with direct recruitment in the public administration. Just to understand if in Valle d’Aosta, at the time of Covid-19, in addition to takeovers for rapid vaccines, there are also recruitments on demand “.


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Fdi Barmasse real assumptions relatives health care Valle dAosta

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