George Clooney is giving away (for charity) a weekend with him on Lake Como-

George Clooney is giving away (for charity) a weekend with him on Lake Como-
George Clooney is giving away (for charity) a weekend with him on Lake Como-

A trip to Italy for two people at the expense of George Clooney who will then host the lucky couple of tourists in his villa on Lake Como. It is not a late April fool, but the new charity campaign organized by the 59-year-old actor and his wife Amal in partnership with Omaze, in order to raise funds for the “Clooney Foundation for Justice” against the violation of human rights around the world. To promote the initiative was Clooney himself with a hilarious video, in which he also revealed his (insane) passion for Brad Pitt and how bad he is as a roommate. “Once the pandemic is over, I want you to come and celebrate with me and Amal in our house on Lake Como. I’m serious – the actor began in the four-minute clip -. To support my foundation, we will bring you and a friend of yours to Italy, we will host you in one of our favorite hotels and we will spend time together at our home ». But judging by how the footage goes, the idea of ​​having to share the living space with Clooney doesn’t seem all that great. Ask for confirmation to this Byron, with whom the actor tells in the film that he spent a good part of last year and who now defines “my best friend”, even if in reality the boy sees it differently.

All the fault of Batman and Brad Pitt

“He came to me to buy an item I had proposed on the Craigslist portal (it’s a $ 7 Batman model, ed), then the order came to stay home for the pandemic and so he didn’t. more gone », explains a disconsolate Byron, who turns out to have been put to a severe test by the forced cohabitation with Clooney. Not content with having transformed his room into a sanctuary dedicated to Brad Pitt, with cushions, posters and life-size cardboard of his colleague, the actor regularly occupied the only bathroom in the house for five hours “because he had to wear make-up” and every month paid his rent with autographed photos, while he once appeared in the middle of a video call on his roommate’s Zoom while brushing his teeth. In short, a nightmare for poor Byron who, however, in the end, thanks to the lifting of the ban on leaving the house, managed to get rid of his uncomfortable guest, defined – not surprisingly – «the worst co-tenant in the world». Will he be right? To find out, all that remains is to relive his own experience and the only way to do it is Clooney suggests at the end of the video: just log on to, make a donation to the foundation by July 15, 2021 and hope to be extracted. , with the winner to be announced on August 4th.

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