Pre Quali Roma (Tirrenia and Formia): The results of the last day. Andrea Pellegrino, Flavio Cobolli, Raul, Nuria Brancaccio and Bronzetti wild cards for which

Flavio Cobolli in the photo – Photo Laurenti

The picture of Italian players who will tread the fields of the Foro Italico together with the stars of the world circuit in the qualifications of the International BNL of Italy 2021 is being defined, starting on Saturday 8 May.

The women’s competition takes place at the Federal Center of Formia, with two wild cards available, again for qualifications.
To make sure in this case they were Nuria Brancaccio, overcoming the neo-blue Bianca Turati (called up for the playoff in the Billie Jean King Cup between Romania and Italy), number 262 of the WTA rankings, and Lucia Bronzetti, who defeated Lisa Pigato confirming the good moment of form this season which saw her enter the Top 300 for the first time thanks to the excellent results obtained in the ITF circuit (two titles in 15 thousand dollars and final in 60 thousand in Bellinzona) .

Pre Quali Roma (Tirrenia Selection Tournament)

Semi-finals – 10 am
(1) Andrea Pellegrino b. Flavio Cobolli 64 64
(3) Raul Brancaccio b. (2) Gian Marco Moroni 63 61

3/4 place final – 3 pm
Cobolli b. Moroni 63 63

ITA Pre Quali Roma (Formia selection tournament)

Semi-finals – 10 am

(4) Nuria Brancaccio b. (1) Bianca Turati 60 76

(2) Lucia Bronzetti b. (3) Lisa Pigato 63 75

ITA The Male Scoreboard of the Pre Which (Selection Tournament)
(1) Andrea Pellegrino bye
Matteo Gigante b. Matteo Arnaldi 67 (1) 76 (5) 3-1 ride.
(4) Francesco Forti bye
Flavio Cobolli b. Samuel Vincent Ruggeri 63 61
Luca Nardi b. Federico Arnaboldi 64 75
(3) Raul Brancaccio bye
Francesco Passaro b. Francesco Mastrelli 63 63
(2) Gianmarco Moroni bye

Quarter finals
(1) Andrea Pellegrino b. Matteo Gigante 61 36 75
Flavio Cobolli b. (4) Francesco Forti 64 57 62
(3) Raul Brancaccio b. Luca Nardi 64 36 61
(2) Gian Marco Moroni b. Francesco Passaro 62 63

(1) Andrea Pellegrino vs Flavio Cobolli
(3) Raul Brancaccio vs (2) Gian Marco Moroni

ITA Pre Quali Roma (Formia selection tournament) – Women’s draw

(1) Bianca Turati b. Eleonora Alvisi 62 63

(4) Nuria Brancaccio b. Aurora Zantedeschi 64 63

(3) Lisa Pigato b. Melania Delai 75 61

(2) Lucia Bronzetti b. Matilde Paoletti 64 63

(1) Bianca Turati vs (4) Nuria Brancaccio
(3) Lisa Pigato vs (2) Lucia Bronzetti

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