Mourinho at Rome: meme boom on the web and teasing

A city reborn. With the announcement of Josè Mourinho in Rome, the Giallorossi side of the Tiber is experiencing magical emotions that had been dormant for years. In particular, on the web the race to tease the Lazio cousins ​​has started. A lot of photomontages, memes, jokes that bounce from social to whatsApp messages.

The Oscar of genius undoubtedly goes to the inventor of Guardiola to Lazio: it is not the mythical Pep, of course, but of the concierge of a condominium (guardhouse in fact …).

And what about the photo of Lotito that after the announcement of the Special Onand to Roma Bourinho announces to Lazio?

The first page of the Gazzetta dello Sport with Lillo taking off the mask from Josè Mourinho is among the most shared on social networks as well as the images of Diletta Leotta (which gossip says is linked to Ryan Friedkin) with the words “Diletta let us buy Neymar“. Also noteworthy is the change of nickname to the Roman style: “From Special One to Special Aho. A moment”.

Fantasy, especially a Roma, flies like the wind and the rekindled passion in the Roma fans is certainly good. After all, football is also this: he teased him between opposing fans and the desire to go back to dreaming.

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Mourinho Rome meme boom web teasing

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