«Two years of disqualification from UEFA in Barcelona, ​​Real, Juventus and Milan». The indiscretion of Espn- Corriere.it

«Two years of disqualification from UEFA in Barcelona, ​​Real, Juventus and Milan». The indiscretion of Espn- Corriere.it
«Two years of disqualification from UEFA in Barcelona, ​​Real, Juventus and Milan». The indiscretion of Espn- Corriere.it

Two years of disqualification for those still linked to the Superlega project. as reported by ESPN, with 5 clubs at risk of exclusion from the competitions managed by Uefa for the next two seasons. According to the American media, Uefa has been in the last 10 days he had contact with the 12 founding clubs of the failed Superlega and found a agreement, for a minor penalty and the will not to go ahead with the creation of the elite league, with all the English clubs and Atletico Madrid. Not with others.

Superlega, the clubs still inside

Real Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Juventus, Milan and Inter

– according to Espn – they would not have found any agreement and, at the moment, I’m still in the Super League. The Nerazzurri, fresh Italian champions, would still be close in agreement with UEFA, but it would not yet be achieved. According to Sky, on the other hand, Milan would also be very close to finding an agreement and therefore to sanctioning the definitive exit from the Superlega club.

The doubt about Milan and the Madrid ruling

Espn instead places Milan in the group of four diehards which, according to UEFA, have gone against article 51 of the statute, which prohibits member clubs from doing what they have done without permission. On the other hand for a court of Madrid had already issued a precautionary measure – issued unheard of altera parte, or urgent without calling Uefa – to protect the Super League, saying that clubs cannot be expelled from UEFA. According to the clubs – and the law firms to which the properties have turned – there is therefore no possibility of exclusion from European competitions. Members of UEFA disciplinary committees would be subject to severe sanctions, civil liability and perhaps even criminal liability if they ignored a court order. And on this ruling, Florentino Perez, the president of Real Madrid, becomes strong, who wants to bring the case against UEFA before the Antitrust for abuse of a dominant position. this is the reason why Ceferin wants the Superlega company to be formally dissolved.

Because the company is still alive

The European Superleague Company SL consortium still exists today, is based in Spain, has a board of directors where the properties of the 12 clubs sit (for Milan there is Gordon Singer, for Inter Zhang), which has a (minimum) paid-up capital. clearly an empty shell now. Why don’t clubs (or maybe some clubs) want to leave (or are taking so long to get out of it)? Because they think in this way that they are more legally protected: armored against possible causes that, for example, Florentino Perez could bring forward for having left without the consent of the others, and in the hypothetical position of suing the English who first broken toy.

Fifa against sanctions

In an interview all’Equipe, number 1 of the Fifa Gianni Infantino on Wednesday he had instead said the opposite: that is, that it would be wrong to punish the clubs (and consequently also their fans), while the sanctions had to punish the managers. Instead it seems chand Ceferin’s UEFA wants to continue to threaten the iron fist. The goal, as mentioned, for the company to dissolve.

Economic sanctions

From what is learned, all companies will be hit by economic sanctions. If, on the other hand, they decide not to leave the Super League, then UEFA wants to continue with the expulsion from competitions. Starting – for granted – an endless series of legal disputes.

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