Covid, 3 other cases of Indian variant and one Nigerian-like variant isolated in Puglia

BARI – The laboratory of the Policlinico di Bari has identified three other cases of the Indian variant in the province of Lecce and a case of a variant similar to the Nigerian one in the Bari area, the first in Puglia. In all, therefore, there are five cases of Indian variant in Puglia, including the two confirmed yesterday which, however, belong to a different outbreak. The samples had been sent to the regional reference laboratory by the Lecce Prevention Department last week.

A new “Nigerian-like” variant has also been identified, because it belongs to the same “family” as the Nigerian one but with more mutations in the spike protein and in other portions of the virus. The boy with this variant infection, of foreign nationality, had been hospitalized with bilateral pneumonia in a hospital in the province of Bari and discharged last week. “This finding is relevant in terms of public health and highlights how the sequencing activity implemented by the Aouc Policlinico is fundamental in order to support the epidemic control activities on the regional territory and contact tracing”, comments the head of the Laboratory. Covid of the Policlinico di Bari, Professor Maria Chironna.


Covid cases Indian variant Nigerianlike variant isolated Puglia

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