An Insta360 Pro 2 on a drone captures the eruption of the Icelandic volcano Fagradalsfjall in 8K at 360 °

The Icelandic volcano Fagradalsfjall allowed photographers and drone users to experience extreme shooting. It is not the first time that we write about it and if in the last news the video it was made by a DJI FPV drone with a very close flight. This time a drone was employed with one Insta360 Pro 2 able to shoot up to one 360 ° 8K resolution.

After 800 years, the Icelandic volcano Fagradalsfjall (in the Geldingadalur area) has decided to put on a show. The curious did not miss the opportunity to admire the natural phenomenon up close. Such suggestive scenes could not fail to be immortalized in photographs but above all in films recorded with the drones so as not to risk the life of the pilot (even if some drone has suffered damage).

Filming of the Icelandic volcano Fagradalsfjall

One of the most spectacular shots for immersion is that of the founder of Arctic Images, Ragnar Th. Sigurðsson, together with drone pilot Arnar Þór Þórsson. The camera used is one Insta360 Pro 2, professional model that allows you to get up to one 8K resolution and also to shoot at 360 °.

Since this is not a camera already integrated into a drone, a model was employed DJI Matrix 600 (aimed at professional users). The combination allowed to fly safely without reaching the limits of the drone as regards the available payload.

Insta360 Pro 2 can count on six lenses with aperture of f / 2.4 with fisheye framing while the sensitivity can vary from 100 ISO up to 6400 ISO. The overall dimensions are equal to 143 mm in diameter with a weight that settles on 1.55 kg (thanks also to the aluminum alloy construction). The power supply is guaranteed by a removable battery of 5100 mAh able to guarantee a good autonomy.

The user can choose how to customize shooting with exposure modes that can be automatic, manual and customized for each lens. The white balance is also automatic or customizable by the user. This model manages to save videos 8K 360° (on six MicroSD and one SD) equal to 7680 x 7680 pixels at 30 fps HDR. User can also stream live up to 4K with H.264 codec.


As for the photographs, on the other hand, you can choose the JPG / DNG format with stitching in real time up to 7680 x 7680 pixels (3D) or 7680 x 3840 pixels (2D). Still in the photo mode there is also the possibility of reaching the 12K resolution equal to 12000 x 12000 pixels. You can also use single shot, burst (ten continuous shots), timelapse, bracketing and HDR modes.

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