Christian, singer symbol of the 80s: the name chosen by Mina, the marriage (double) with Dora Moroni, the difficult period

May 5, 2021 – 08:14

Became famous with the romantic hit “Daniela” and with many participations in Sanremo, it was considered our equivalent of Julio Iglesias

of Barbara Visentin

In the 80s he was considered the Italian Julio Iglesias and everyone recognized his curly hair and his voice. But the name of Christian may not be well known to younger people, given that his musical career has remained largely linked to that decade. Famous for songs like “Daniela” – released in 1982 and become a hit in Italy and abroad – as well as for the numerous participations in the Sanremo Festival, Christian has become a symbol of the 80s, still followed by many loyal fans who sing his romantic songs by heart

Photo from the site

May 5, 2021 | 08:14



Christian singer symbol #80s chosen Mina marriage double Dora Moroni difficult period

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