free outdoor tables for clubs in Milan until the end of the year

free outdoor tables for clubs in Milan until the end of the year
free outdoor tables for clubs in Milan until the end of the year

Free tables and dehors for Milan clubs until the end of the year. The anti-covid move, already tested last year by Palazzo Marino and relaunched this spring, bears the signature of the Draghi government, which will be responsible for making up for the lost revenues of the various administrations.

The official status is not there yet, but by now the way has been traced because during the night the amendment supported by Palazzo Marino and by Anci was approved by the Senate budget committee, asking for the extension until 31 December of the payment exemption. the occupation of public land by the owners of bars and restaurants.

Pierfrancesco Maran, city planning councilor of the municipality of Milan, and one of the most staunch supporters of the measure, immediately rejoiced on social media. “Free tables for the whole of 2021. We have strongly asked for it in recent weeks and the Commission approved the amendment that exempts bars and restaurants from paying public land occupation until the end of the year, with the necessary economic additions to the State to the municipalities. Now we need the final passage in the classroom “, he wrote.

And again, also looking at the next step to be taken: “The tables are also a symbol of the rediscovery of the outdoor life of cities and this is a concrete way of being close to the many activities that have come back into play by reopening even in these conditions. Now, however, the appeal to all institutions, including the Municipality, is to continue to work together to reduce costs for all activities, including those that do not have outdoor spaces. Next step is Tari “, concluded the Milanese councilor.

Being able to place tables and chairs for free outside the premises is, of course, a good breath of fresh air. Even more so now that bars and restaurants can only welcome customers outdoors.


free outdoor tables clubs Milan year

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