Coronavirus data in Italy today, Tuesday 4 May

In the last 24 hours in Italy, 9,116 positive cases of coronavirus and 305 deaths due to COVID-19 have been detected. Currently the hospitalized are 20,599 (286 less than yesterday), of which 2,423 in the intensive care wards (67 less than yesterday) and 18,176 in the other wards (219 less than yesterday). 147,530 molecular swabs and 167,976 rapid antigenic tests were analyzed. The percentage of positive molecular swabs was 5.5 percent, while that of antigen tests was 0.6 percent. On Monday, the infections recorded had been 5,945 and 256 dead.

The regions that have recorded the most cases in the last 24 hours are Lombardy (1,354), Campania (1,331), Puglia (1,028), Sicily (902) and Lazio (803).

The main news of the day
Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi announced that “starting from the second half of May” the government will introduce a “national green pass” to be able to travel between the regions of Italy. In the decree of 21 April, the introduction of a certificate was announced to be able to move between regions in the red or orange zone (while between regions in the yellow zone you can move freely), but a single document that would serve from certificate.

Today, during a press conference, the governor of Sicily, Nello Musumeci, said that starting next weekend the region will start a mass vaccination campaign against the coronavirus in the smaller islands. Musumeci said that the vaccine doses available to all citizens aged 18 and over will be administered, starting from Lampedusa and Linosa, while on Monday vaccination will begin in the rest of the islands.

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