Italy: the hemp business is clearly growing

Italy: the hemp business is clearly growing
Italy: the hemp business is clearly growing

There are many sectors that are experiencing a profound economic crisis. Fortunately, however, there are some who seem immune to this disease and who, despite the times they are, are managing to live a very rosy period. Among the sectors that have not been affected by the crisis, that of light hemp and hemp sativa oil. There are countless producers who are having great success in this sector, such as Cibdol CBD just to give an example to all, producers who in most cases have decided to exploit the power of the web above all to market their products.

Not everyone knows this, but even in Italy the light hemp business is gaining momentum. This is a sector that for the moment is not yet saturated and that for this very reason is to be considered as a great opportunity for all those who want to get on the road to success.

Light hemp, why is its consumption in Italy spreading more and more?

Until a few years ago all Italians hearing the word hemp immediately thought of a substance with psychotropic and hallucinogenic effects, in short, a drug in all respects, albeit light. Over the years, also thanks to more and more information about it, Italians have realized that there is also light hemp, which does not contain THC and therefore has no psychotropic effects, a hemp now widely used in many countries. in the world.

Today light hemp has become also legal here in Italy and is very popular, because it is THC-free, of course, but above all because it is rich in CBD, a cannabidiol that has many interesting properties. First of all, it has a relaxing effect on both body and mind and an important antidepressant power. Not only that, CBD also has power painkiller, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, without forgetting that some of the substances present in it are real antioxidants, therefore capable of keeping the body’s cells young for longer over time. Using CBD can even be helpful in breaking out of addictions, such as addictions to smoking, alcohol and drugs, such as addiction to drugs and pain relievers.

The light hemp sector in Italy

The cultivation of light hemp has increased a little throughout Italy, but especially in the southern regions, where the soil and climatic conditions are particularly suitable. In addition to crops, countless production and sorting centers have been created, as well as neighborhood shops dedicated to hemp and ecommerce of various sizes. It is not just about producing and marketing hemp and hemp oil of course, but also many products derived from it. We think of textile products, 100% natural and ecological, but also of all cosmetic products that can, thanks to hemp, offer important antioxidant, calming, anti-inflammatory properties, or food products.

Obviously, not only light hemp for strictly recreational use has taken hold in Italy, but also hemp known as a medicine. Study courses dedicated to it are also being created, to ensure that Italian health professionals can discover all the advantages of using light hemp on their patients.

Crops, shops, production and sorting centers are very numerous, it is true, but there is still a lot of space in this sector, a sector on which it is good to focus for the future of our country and its economy, a sector that can bring in a short time to the creation of new jobs. This too is obviously an important element, to relieve our country from the economic and labor crisis that has seen it involved, to give new hope to future generations.

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