In Friuli there is no vaccination: 40% of 60-69 year olds did not join, among the youngest only 15 thousand booked. “The problem is no longer the doses”

On the Covid front, in Friuli Venezia Giulia the problem no longer seems to be having a number of vaccines adequate, but of convince i citizens to be inoculated. Just look at the daily figures provided by the extraordinary commissioner and the Ministry of Health to verify that the Region is not at the top of the statistics for vaccines administered (440.137) on the total supply (529,515), equal to one 83.1 percent, which is well below the national average of85.6 percent, even 5.4% less than the neighbor Veneto. There are some in particular age groups to cause concern. The first numbers were given last Saturday by the governor Massimiliano Fedriga: he did not join the 40% of the band 60-69 years and almost the 25% than that between 70 and 79. It is not going better with the younger ones: at the moment they are one fifth of the planned reservations.

The vice president of the Region also recalled this, Riccardo Riccardi, which inaugurated a new center, in a municipal gymnasium ad Aurisina. “We are multiplying the vaccination centers in the area based on a model that allows maximize vaccination capacity, thus ensuring that each point of administration carries out at least a few hundred inoculations per day”. We try to increase the points of the offer, to favor the accesses of the population. Riccardi explained: “Right now the problem of the availability of doses is secondary, while the hope is that citizens understand the importance vaccination e adhere to the appeal launched by the institutions. To obtain this result, the Region, the health service, local authorities and many volunteers are working hard to make vaccination as simple as possible for all citizens “.

There is the data to prove it. “Unfortunately the adhesion to the campaign in the age group between 60 and 69 years it was inferior to the expectations of about the 10 percent, compared to that between 70 and 79 years “. Also in the ‘category 4’, or the ‘under 60’ with fragility minor, “on an audience of 77 thousand people they booked less than 15 thousand people, although in the latter case the Pfizer vaccine“. There is some concern. In fact, Riccardi concluded: “We need to overcome this situation quickly, but if not, it won’t happen a turnaround in the progress of the reservations we will evaluate the hypothesis of extend the vaccination campaign also to other age groups. The availability of doses and the ability to administer the health service allow us to hypothesize a further opening of the agendas, to evaluate which will be the answer by citizens who at the moment have not yet been able to get vaccinated ”.

Perhaps it is also an effect of the improvement the situation or the fact that the bands younger feel less threatened from Covid. The vice president of the Region, however, warned: “The pandemic is anything but passed despite the indicators being better than in the past few weeks. To avoid new outbreaks can ignite the population must continue to respect the spacing and use protective equipment, but above all it is necessary to get vaccinated ”. In the refrigerators there are therefore approx 100 thousand doses waiting to be distributed. The governor had also launched a first appeal a few days ago Massimiliano Fedriga. A direct request has been sent from the Region to the extraordinary Commissioner for the Covid emergency, the general Figliuolo, for the opening to the band of in their fifties.

This is also why the focus is on the involvement of general practitioners. In the Region, out of a total of 775 medici of general medicine present in the area, the active ones are 299, equal to 39%, and the adherents 566 (equal to 72 percent). Active means those who have already been engaged as vaccinators or to support other healthcare professionals in the administration. The adherents are the doctors willing to give their availability or already available, but not yet used. The involvement of GPs has led to the creation of a special space for them at the Udine Fair, other than the mass vaccination center. The request for availability from one day to the next has created some bad mood among the local health workers, who would have liked more time to plan activities, considering the commitments of ordinary assistance of patients.

Meanwhile in the regional council the opposition the center-right has returned to the office asking for the establishment of one Special commission on health management of the Covid emergency. The pain points? Departments of resuscitation full, suffering hospitals, operational difficulties reported by health professionals e reduction of other performances are the issues raised by the leader of the Democratic Party, Diego Moretti and by the councilor of the M5s, Andrea Ussai. “It’s not an instrumental initiative either ideological – they said – is the exercise of our role as advisors. We want understand more and to find out more, the majority from this point of view was severely lacking ”.

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