Milan Court acquires Amara ‘Eni-Nigeria report

Brescia filed ” interference on togas ” after the Milanese prosecutor’s move

Wednesday 05 May 2021
| Written by Editorial board

The president of the Court of Milan Roberto Bichi acquired in recent days from the Brescia Public Prosecutor the documents of the archived file that had been opened after the Milanese prosecutors, on the decision of the prosecutor Francesco Greco, had transmitted passages of a lawyer’s report to his colleagues Piero Amara who cast a shadow on the judges of the Eni-Nigeria trial which ended with acquittals. The lawyer referred to “interference by Eni’s defenses”, unproven, on judge Tremolada.

The inertia in the investigation into the ‘Amara case’, complained by the prosecutor Storari, for some would be linked to this move by the Prosecutor on the Eni-Nigeria case. (HANDLE).

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Milan Court acquires Amara EniNigeria report

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