«I don’t like these things …». Frost in the studio

«I don’t like these things …». Frost in the studio
«I don’t like these things …». Frost in the studio

The legacy, Flavio Insinna distances himself from a question of the game: “I don’t like these things …». A few minutes ago, the episode of the Rai1 pre-evening quiz ended. The new competitor Cristiana arrives at the guillotine. But it is during the game that something unusual happens.

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Flavio Insinna asks Cristiana: “Which of these is an example of the adjectival use of a noun? Go straight or is Marco the most ass?“. But as soon as the question is read, the conductor displaces everyone and distances himself from the saying: “I don’t like to use animals as negative examples, like someone who says ‘just like a dog’. Donkeys are intelligent and have big eyes“. Immediate comments of the “inheritors” on Twitter: «True, they are very intelligent animals“. It’s still: “Very sensitive».

Then we come to the guillotine. The words available tonight are “government, three, closure, reduce, acquittal“. Cristiana, winner of the triello, arrives with a treasure of 210 thousand euros. But he halves several times and plays for 26,250 euros. The new champion chooses the word «process“. But it is wrong. The solution today is “formula“. Tomorrow we return to play.

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