They invested their savings in a new venue just before the pandemic: “Hell months”

They invested their savings in a new venue just before the pandemic: “Hell months”
They invested their savings in a new venue just before the pandemic: “Hell months”

At the end of 2019 they face a huge investment to secure a future, but in March 2020 the pandemic from Covid arrives and a family of Piacenza restaurateurs finds on their shoulders two mortgages worth hundreds of thousands of euros to “honor”, a rent to pay, seven employees to leave at home in layoffs and zero earnings. It is the misadventure they tell Gianpiero Rigollli, Piera and their son Roberto, owners of the historic “Regina” restaurant in Quarto. The family decided to buy the former “Il Bassotto” restaurant in Gariga di Podenzano. A building overlooking the street, to be restored. It was Roberto himself who chose the location, where he also created an apartment for himself: “It will be called with the same name as before” Regina “- he explains – because my parents have dedicated a lifetime to our restaurant in Quarto, which was open about 30 years ago. Unfortunately, the health emergency was a real blow to us. We bought the walls, here in Gariga, to stop paying the rent and instead we found ourselves with debts ”. Roberto wants to carry on the family tradition: “We were supposed to open in September 2020, but we had to stop the renovations due to the Coronavirus. We have stopped the mortgages in the bank that sooner or later we will have to start paying again ”.

Now the race against time has started: “We have restarted the construction site, we hope to open the new restaurant in early June. In Quarto we are closed because we do not have outdoor space, while here we will try to obtain a dozen outdoor tables “. The regret is for the employees who have been home for months: “We are very sorry for them, because they take a ridiculous salary with the layoffs and then they want to start over. Work gives dignity to man ”.

Even for the Rigolli family, the aid arrived from the state was insufficient: “Our business is family-run, so we ran out of wages. The refreshment points have not even covered the costs of electricity and garbage – says Roberto – we hope to be able to survive all this, especially for the sacrifices that my parents have always faced for the family “.

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