Corato: Aic opens the vaccination campaign in companies: “Companies, step forward”

The Aic president, Franco Squeo ©

Aic, the Coratini entrepreneurs association, takes action in support of the anti Covid vaccination campaign, to speed up the timing of administration of vaccines in favor of the productive city population to protect public health. Accepted, therefore, the intent promoted at national level by General Figliuolo who asked to follow the path of vaccinations in the company.

The Puglia Region is also in tune with this vision, which is preparing to acknowledge the expressions of interest from companies that want to facilitate the anti Covid vaccination campaign, giving its employees the opportunity to get vaccinated. To do this, companies can make an agreement with private structures or, alternatively, they can resort to the local health structures of Inail. By clicking here you can consult the protocol. A third hypothesis is to carry out the administration directly in the workplace. In this case, it is essential that companies create suitable conditions for carrying out the dose administration process, as well as, obviously, the availability of vaccines.

“We have drawn up a plan respecting the protocol required by the Region” explains President Franco Squeo. «Now it will be necessary to understand how many companies will join the project, in order to be able to extend it to the entire production sector and create critical mass. We will identify a vaccination hub that will respond to the required health needs and we will expand it to all companies that want to take advantage of this possibility. As soon as the adherent workers are defined, we will leave ».

The vaccination plan that the Aic will present in the Region will meet the preliminary requirements set out in the protocol, including the presence and availability of the competent doctor and other health personnel, the guarantee of being able to operate safely, the informed consent of workers as well as the protection of privacy and the prevention of all forms of discrimination. In order to approve the plan, it is also necessary to comply with specific technical-organizational requirements such as the number of the working population. For this reason, the Aic invites “small, medium and large enterprises to join in the common goal of presenting a valid vaccination plan in the Region”. To join the initiative promoted by the association, simply fill in the appropriate form on the Aic website.

Plan. Companies, as aggregators, can promote the vaccination of workers who wish to do so, compatibly with the personal requirements established at the state level. The company headquarters must be in the place where the proposal is presented so that a worker residing in a different location (or region) can benefit by getting vaccinated at their workplace. Furthermore, the company is responsible for creating the organizational structure necessary for the correct carrying out of the vaccination process with adequate human and instrumental resources, in order to avoid gatherings and guarantee all the actions necessary for the safety of employees and the association provides for make available all the IT tools to record the lists of those who have been vaccinated.

Although complex, the technical and medical-scientific procedure to implement the company vaccination plan enjoys the supervision of the regional health service, which is ultimately responsible for the project. The association is responsible for the general charges relating to the organization of the vaccine center, while the supply of doses and devices for administration – such as that of training and registration tools for vaccinations performed – remain the responsibility of the regional health service.

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