Twitter Spaces, big news coming soon: limitation for users

A new rule has been imposed for Twitter Spaces, which will no longer be accessible to everyone. Here’s what changes

Twitter launches Spaces, but with some major limitations for users (Photo: Getty)

After many discussions and rumors, we are finally here: Twitter Spaces is available to everyone. The service that is very reminiscent Clubhouse allows users to access voice rooms for free and discuss – or alternatively listen to – people on a given topic.

Clubhouse fashion is spreading like wildfire, and soon other platforms such as Facebook they should officially launch their services. Meanwhile, an unfortunate news has come into force today for all those who want to preview Twitter Spaces: it will no longer be accessible to many users. Here are all the updated parameters that the company has decided to impose.

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Twitter Spaces, you need 600 followers to use the service

To access the service, you will need to have at least 600 followers on your profile (photo: Getty)

After a long wait, Twitter Spaces is available to (almost) all users. The social platform has in fact decided to impose some rather stringent rules as regards the creation of vocal stanzas, which in fact cut an important pool of people. In addition to having an iOS or Android device, you will need to have at least 600 follower.

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The decision was made official a little while ago, making most people turn up their noses. Among other novelties, it is possible set a reminder to remind everyone when the live will start. Also inserted a system of donations and entrance tickets paid on a given call. Lots of news, which will be updated or removed based on the feedback that users will release in the next weeks.


Twitter Spaces big news coming limitation users

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