Palermo, the video of the accident: the friends’ car swerves, then the crash. The Van driver: «I am miraculous» –

PALERMO The video of the accident in viale Regione Siciliana, which cost the lives of two twenty-year-old friends, Chiara Ziani and Alessia Bommarito, is impressive. A few seconds, in which you can clearly see the white Fiat Panda, with the girls on board, which suddenly swerves – as if to avoid the slower car ahead – and ends up like a mad marble in the opposite lane. The inevitable impact is extremely violent. Like a carom, then, after the first black pickup truck, other cars, motorcycles, vans accumulate. A complex of means that also justifies the high number of injured: as many as 14. The images were obviously acquired by the prosecutor of Palermo, which investigates the case.

The driver

“I saw the white Panda come upon me, I feel a miracle – the driver of the black Van, against which the Panda crashed, declared instead from his hospital bed -. I will never forget what I have experienced in these moments because I have always remained lucid. My thoughts go out to the two dead girls and their families ». The driver is a 33-year-old man. “I was stuck in the car I think a quarter of an hour – he remembers – then I saw the two passengers I was carrying, two nurses, who got out of the vehicle, I strengthened myself and I too went out”.

“He was supposed to get married”

The incident shook the Sicilian capital. Chiara, according to relatives, had to get married and on Monday, before the accident, she had gone with her boyfriend to see the wedding dress. The girl lived with the family in corso dei Mille, where her father runs a car wash. Alessia, on the other hand, was a member of the Don Carlo Misilmeri football team. «The football club – reads a note – joins the great pain for the death of Chiara Ziami and our former member Alessia Bommarito. For our part, our deepest condolences go to the families of Chiara and Alessia ».

Chiara and Alessia
Soccer player

“We are shocked – says Antonella Licciardi, Ludos coach where Alessia played in the past – A very generous midfielder who never gave up on the pitch”. Today the prosecutor Anna Battaglia and the adjunct Ennio Petrigni have opened a file against unknown persons with the hypothesis of road murder. The investigations are entrusted to the accident section of the municipal police, which has already acquired the images of the cameras that film that stretch of the ring road and the telephones of the two victims. The deputy prosecutor then decided not to carry out an autopsy on the two girls but only the toxicological tests.

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