Vaccini, last Tuscany in the sixties: they open the diaries, but doses with the dropper

Vaccini, last Tuscany in the sixties: they open the diaries, but doses with the dropper
Vaccini, last Tuscany in the sixties: they open the diaries, but doses with the dropper

Tuscany, last in Italy in the vaccination of sixty-year-olds, it starts with bookings aged 65 and over, but with just 9,500 doses. probably scheduled for tomorrow the symbolic opening of the diaries for those born between 1952 and 1956, with less than ten thousand doses of Johnson & Johnson. A choice perhaps dictated by the fact that our region, according to the data processed yesterday morning by Agenas, immunized just 15.3% of 60-year-olds with the first dose, against an Italian average of 34. Even the penultimate region, Umbria , far away, at 22.3%.

The symbolic go-ahead for the under 70s, as well as a response to the controversy – so much so that the same regional councilor of the Democratic Party, Cristina Giachi, yesterday on social media had to admit that it is a limitation of the Tuscan countryside -, could also be linked to the fact that the seventy-year-olds are not flooding the booking agendas at the moment. Yesterday at 17, 31,500 were booked since last Friday, with 75,000 seats still free (in the Region they hope that it is only the effect of the trips out of town on May 1st). Taking into account the reservations and the 256,000 who have already had the first dose, almost 30% of the 410,000 Tuscan 70-year-olds have not yet joined the campaign.

Net of the latest defections, Tuscany is far behind regions that have already opened their doors to sixty-year-olds for several days or weeks (among those who, like Veneto, inaugurated their agendas ten days ago, having almost exhausted their seventies, and those who, like Lazio, have been doing so for almost a month, despite being further behind Tuscany in the over 70s). On the one hand, the council of governor Eugenio Giani has on its side the fact that the government asked to leave with the under 70s only after having exhausted all the overs, without escaping forward. On the other hand, if Tuscany has recovered over the over 80s, so much so that it is second after Veneto on the first doses, the delays accumulated in recent months are now discounted on the lower age brackets: because even in the 70s, Tuscany is far from excellence and travels below the national average, 62.7 against 63.3%, with 8 regions ahead.

To make matters worse, according to Agenas data, our region is now below the average also on general vaccinations, with 83.1% of doses administered compared to those received, against a national rate of 84.1 Good news comes from the front of the extremely vulnerable. Between Saturday and yesterday 74,000 text messages left to invite registered people to book on the Region’s web portal. By 7 June at the latest, all eligible persons should be vaccinated. Now it emerges that out of the approximately 182,000 registered, only a very small figure, less than three thousand people, would have been excluded because it did not meet the requirements. Furthermore, yesterday, with another 30,000 text messages, the booking for caregivers, bandits and relatives of the vulnerable started.

On the health front, to recover the 19,500 that are not in line with the vaccination obligation, the agendas will probably be open on Thursday. Tuscany, which has almost reached 25% of the population vaccinated with the first dose and has recently exceeded 10% with the recalls, is now preparing for the possible increase in supplies proposed by the national emergency commissioner, Francesco Paolo Figliuolo . The hubs at the starting lines are multiplying throughout the region. Among the curiosities, the Mugello racetrack and the house of the people of Grassina.

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Vaccini Tuscany sixties open diaries doses dropper

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