Moratti: “Mou? Special challenge, I hope Conte has no doubts. Suning? I believe in their words “

Moratti: “Mou? Special challenge, I hope Conte has no doubts. Suning? I believe in their words “
Moratti: “Mou? Special challenge, I hope Conte has no doubts. Suning? I believe in their words “

The former Nerazzurri president spoke about various issues as he left the Saras offices

Also Massimo Moratti, former Inter president, commented with some amazement the news of Josè Mourinho’s arrival in Rome from next season. Intercepted by the envoy of and other reporters under the Saras offices, commented on the news: “He surprised me, but I am very happy for him. The championship becomes beautiful and more interesting. This year it was difficult for him to return to Inter, considering that Inter won the championship with this coach. The choice, both by Mourinho and Roma, seems interesting. Did you hear it? Yes, but we haven’t talked about these things. The match against Conte will certainly be interesting, with a special charge on the part of both of them. Will it be a stimulus for Conte too? It would be unpleasant if he had this doubt, I hope he doesn’t.

I think there is no doubt that it is right for him to stay. I think he is just waiting to clarify the situation which will surely be clarified positively.

The future of ownership?

“The ownership when we met it was very reliable and it should be so even now. For what they say, especially now. I rely on their words, I am convinced that they do not speak in vain. If they say they think they can stay and improve Inter. , I have to believe it. Zhang was of infinite courtesy, he called me as soon as Atalanta drew. It had to be the other way around, I should have called him and I would have done it in the evening. He was very kind, with a very happy voice “.

Does this scudetto remind you of any of your own?

“I find it hard to associate him with any of ours: in Mancini’s ride we had a terrifyingly strong team. Perhaps I bring him closer to Trapattoni’s championship, it seemed to me that he was a similar type of team.

“There is a good percentage of merit. He held out in difficult moments, he was good against teams that were thought to be stronger. Lukaku? A player with very good qualities who improved even more with Conte.”

What if they pulled her jacket again to go back and help out?

“I think I’d be in my shirt …”.

Zhang Jindong’s letter?

“It is a beautiful letter from a shareholder who wanted to give confidence to the fans and asked for it. I was very pleased. They will do what they are allowed to do, let’s hope they don’t lose some big shot.”

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