“The italian job”. The reactions on foreign sites

Mourinho to Rome it is a sensation, and that makes news, even in England where Mou has worked extensively, with mixed results. So almost all the English online newspapers open with the news of the ‘Special One’ at Rome. The BBC, neutral as always, limits itself to giving the news by reporting the sentences of the Rome press release, while il ‘Mirror’ titola “The Italian Job”, underlining that the Portuguese will return to coach in Italy eleven years after leaving Inter. “José is back … already“writes the Daily Mail, referring to the fact that ‘Mou’ was sacked by Tottenham just two weeks ago.” When in Rome “is the comment of the Sun, a newspaper for which Mourinho will be a ‘columnist’ during the next European Championships.

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Mourinho at Rome, social networks go crazy

Mourinho to Rome, the stock explodes on the stock market

Sudden leap of As Roma in Business Square after the announcement on instagram of Josè Mourinho, who will be the new coach of the Giallorossi Club. The stock, frozen on the upside due to a sudden price shift, marks a jump of 22.35% to € 0.322.

The likes of Zaniolo and Florenzi

The Roma social networks have been ‘invaded’ after the announcement of Josè Mourinho, the Giallorossi coach starting from next season. Among the first to put the ‘like’ under the announcement of the engagement of ‘Mou’ stand out the names of the former Roman technician Carlo Mazzone, Nicolò Zaniolo and Alessandro Florenzi, the latter engaged tonight with the PSG in the semifinal of Champions against Manchester City.

Mentana’s post

A photo of the Arch of Titus in Rome, and the commentary ‘Arco di Titulo’. With this post on Instagram the real Inter fan Enrico Mentana comments on the news of José Mourinho’s arrival on the Roma bench, receiving thousands of ‘likes’.

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Sensational: Mourinho will be the coach of Roma


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