Covid May 4, 2021 Emilia Romagna: coronavirus bulletin today. Data and infections

Bologna, 4 May 2021 – They continue to decline, in Emilia Romagna, the cases of positivity al coronavirus. Today the new cases are 488 (yesterday 641) with a positive percentage of the swabs dropped to1,7% (yesterday 5.8%). But the knot of the province of Bologna that alone, also considering the infections in the Imola area, reaches 168 cases. The second province for infections – to give the idea of ​​the gap – is Reggio Emilia which has 62.

Covid at school, the report of infections in Emilia Romagna

For the region, however, the week that ended is the week with the lowest numbers in the last six months: theincidence it dropped to 136 cases per 100 thousand inhabitants. Yesterday 641 new cases out of 11,062 swabs, 5.8%. In the afternoon the Region will publish the covid bulletin today, 4 may: we will give you this by updating this article in real time.

Today’s Covid infections: Italy bulletin of May 4 and Coronavirus data regions – Colors regions today: yellow zone in Emilia Romagna, Marche and Veneto. Data, Rt uphill

Today’s bulletin

I’m 488 the new cases of coronaviruses registered today in the region, of which 199 asymptomatic and 131 identified thanks to contact tracing. The percentage of positivity of the processed swabs is just1,7%. But what is frightening is that now the ‘Bologna case‘, which alone, throughout the province and including Imola, reaches 168 new cases. The victims today there are 24, the active cases fall below 40 thousand (39,128). The hospitalizations in intensive care which today are 213, 6 fewer than yesterday, and also in non-critical wards: they are 1,620, 66 fewer than yesterday. L’middle age of the new patients is 36.5 years old.

The victims of today

Unfortunately, they register 24 new deaths: 4 in the province of Pweapon (3 women, respectively 73, 78 and 92 years old, and a man of 77); 2 in the province of Modena (both men, aged 57 and 78); 5 in the province of Bologna(4 women, respectively 60, 81, 90 and 93 years old, and one 83 year old man); 3 in the province of Ferrara(a 33-year-old woman and 2 men, both 73-year-olds); 1 a Ravenna(a 65-year-old man); 6 in the province of Forlì-Cesena(3 women, respectively 85, 91 and 94 years old, and 3 men, 74, 76 and 89 years old); 2 a Rimini (both women, aged 68 and 89). We also report the death, registered by the Ravenna Local Health Authority, of an 87-year-old woman resident in Marradi (Metropolitan City of Florence). No deaths in the provinces of Piacenza e Reggio Emilia. In total, there have been 12,940 deaths in the region since the beginning of the epidemic.

The hospitalizations

Hospitalizations in Emilia Romagna hospitals are still falling: in the medical departments there are 1,620 patients, 66 fewer than yesterday. In intensive care 213 patients, 6 fewer than yesterday, distributed as follows: 9 a Piacenza (number unchanged from yesterday), 15 a Parma (-2), 27 a Reggio Emilia (-2), 30 a Modena (-4), 58 a Bologna (+2), 11 a Imola (unchanged), 21 a Ferrara (-2), 13 a Ravenna (unchanged), 6 a Forlì (unchanged), 6 a Cesena (unchanged) and 17 a Rimini (+2).

The map by province: symptomatic and asymptomatic

Here’s how today’s 488 new cases are distributed: 35 a Piacenza (of which 22 symptomatic), 19 a Parma (of which 9 symptomatic), 62 a Reggio Emilia (of which 23 symptomatic), 51 a Modena (of which 43 symptomatic), 155 a Bologna (of which 91 symptomatic), 13 cases a Imola (of which 5 symptomatic), 14 a Ferrara (of which 6 symptomatic), 30 a Ravenna (of which 22 symptomatic), 32 y Forlì (of which 23 symptomatic), 30 a Cesena (of which 24 symptomatic) and 47 a Rimini (of which 21 symptomatic). Compared to what was communicated in recent days, 2 cases were eliminated, positive for antigen tests but not confirmed by the molecular swab.

The Region has carried out a statistical study on infections at school, from zero to 18 years and also among teachers and professors. Of the 337,637 new cases detected in the period between April 14 and May 2, 28,644, i.e.8.5% concerns students (the highest percentage is in elementary and high school) and1.3% the teaching staff. Here all the data of the deepening.


At 15were administered as a whole 1.755.176 doses; on the total, 589.362I’m second doses, that is, people who have completed the vaccination course.

Meanwhile the vaccination campaign prepares for a sharp acceleration with the arrival of new vaccine doses scheduled for May. In thirty days, from April 27 to May 27, between deliveries already made and future, a total of over one million doses of the vaccine will arrive in the region. After the distribution to healthcare companies, last April 27 of 185,720 doses, distribution began in May, the month in which 843,590 doses are expected from the four different manufacturers currently authorized. At 6pm, 25,307 doses were administered, bringing the total from the start of the campaign to 1,738,015. 580,294 citizens have completed the vaccination cycle.

Trend charts

Here are the tables, released by the Region, on the weekly trend of coronavirus infections with the focus on school condemnations

Emilia Romagna, the weekly incidence falls

The decline, albeit slow, ofincidence of coronavirus infections in Emilia Romagna: in the last week, from 26 April to 2 May, and of 136 almost per 100 thousand inhabitants. The previous week was 146 and the one before 160.

The region, which has been under heavy restrictions for over a month and a half, also ‘breathes’ in terms of hospital pressure: the number of hospitalized overall it falls below two thousand for the first time since the end of October. To date, there are 219 patients in intensive care and 1,687 people (1,906 overall) in the other Covid departments. The number of victims is also the lowest for about six months, although it remains dramatically high: in the last week 115 patients died with Covid-19. To find a lower number you have to go back to the last week of October (86 victims).

The incidence of infections per 100 thousand inhabitants decreases in all province except two: the metropolitan area of ​​Bologna and Piacenza. The Bolognese in the week that has just ended, it recorded an incidence of 134 cases (from 125 in the previous week). Piacenza it is at 105, back from two consecutive increases (from 98 on April 19-25 and 91 on April 12-18). All the provinces are quite below the critical threshold of 250 cases per 100 thousand inhabitants: Forlì-Cesena remains the territory with the highest incidence (183), followed by Reggio Emilia (176), Rimini (162), Modena (136) ), Bologna (134), Ravenna (122), Parma (119), Piacenza (105), Ferrara (69).

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