“Where he pees”, unprecedented disgust – Libero Quotidiano

“Where he pees”, unprecedented disgust – Libero Quotidiano
“Where he pees”, unprecedented disgust – Libero Quotidiano

Francesco Fredella

04 May 2021

They are buffers Valeria Marini, which is the protagonist of Survivors (the Spanish edition ofIsland of the famous). “Steal the shampoo and does not pee in the bathroom“, says the Spanish singer on the island Marta Lopez. Which then adds to the dose: “Don’t pee outside the latrine, otherwise we step on it. I tell you with all the education in the world “.

A Survivors there is as well Gianmarco Onestini, brother of Luca (former competitor of the Big Brother Vip and of Men and women). “I was sleeping and it was all dark, I didn’t even realize where I was, I thought I was near the water. Besides, my pee is made of Chanel drops,” says Marina, making Gianmarco smile. And the news immediately made me go around the Net.

For the castaways, Marini would have used it shampoo common earned thanks to the reward test. “This morning I saw you with your head full of shampoo. If you take a little, not so much foam comes out”: the accusation of one of the castaways is very harsh.

Valeria, however, defends herself: “I don’t know, isn’t it possible that he fell? I haven’t been. Next time I won’t wash myself anymore, I don’t like you thinking about this”. And then again: “I don’t allow myself to touch anything if there isn’t another person. I told the truth and I’m sorry you don’t have the shampoo, but I didn’t finish it.” What will happen in the next few days? The clashes seem to be around the corner. And Marini, a veteran of reality shows, could return to Italy with an injection of popularity. Even more than in the past.

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pees unprecedented disgust Libero Quotidiano

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