Transgender in Milan: a community that is an active part of the city

Transgender in Milan: a community that is an active part of the city
Transgender in Milan: a community that is an active part of the city

Transgender people in Milan are not a phenomenon but a nourished community that lives integrated with all the Milanese. The economic capital of Italy is a metropolis of rights where everyone feels at home. The transgender is from Milan, is part of the social fabric, feels at ease.

The world of transgender people is often associated with adult intrusion. Of course it is not only this, although for many years trans and adult sex have been considered synonymous.

Even if terms like “tranny” and “shemale phone sex” are not considered appropriate by the LGBT community, it must be said that in the adult entertainment sector these terms lose their original meaning, or rather, they are used only to tease. the fantasy but without offensive intent, but only to create a certain “strong atmosphere” necessary at that moment.

But who are transgender people really? People who change from male to female are called MtF or transitional male female. FtM, i.e. transitional female male, those who initiate the reverse path. In common sense, the one who tries to match gender identity and physical sexuality is a trans. He enters a path made of hormone replacement therapy, psychological support, andrologists.

But transgenderism is much more. Changing life means starting a new existence starting from a new identity that must correspond to a new identity card. This is only part of a path that is delicate both from a physical, psychological and socio / cultural point of view.

In public opinion, transsexuality is associated with the exercise of the oldest profession in the world. It is a non-automatic combination. There are those who dedicate themselves to the world of sex by appointment, but it is not the majority. Most have a very normal life, the difference is in the need to make a transition. Those who practice the oldest profession in the world place themselves at the service of men who enjoy sex with them as something transgressive, exotic. In fact, many men are looking for often unexpressed erotic fantasies.

Law 164/82 represents an affirmation of civil rights and gender identity. The road to equality is long but Milan is far ahead in terms of gender issues, including sexuality. Transgenderism is something other than homosexuality. Adapting the gender means wanting to relate to others with an adequate body and not conforming one’s body to a model of heterosexuality. The people who make the transition become aware of the fact that genders are not two and sexual identities are infinite.


Transgender Milan community active part city

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