Jindong Zhang’s congratulations to the entire Nerazzurri family

Jindong Zhang’s congratulations to the entire Nerazzurri family
Jindong Zhang’s congratulations to the entire Nerazzurri family

To the whole Nerazzurri family:

Congratulations to all of you for winning the Scudetto! After 11 years, 4 days early, Inter returned to the top of Serie A, bringing glory back to the Nerazzurro world. This is an important step in a new era, a memorable milestone on the road to becoming great again. I express my congratulations and those of the whole Group to all Inter for having won the championship and adding this Scudetto to the Nerazzurri trophies!

The best way to honor history is to continually create new pages. And this is what has been accomplished today, as in the great and memorable seasons in the past of this Club. Looking back over this whole season, we can see how Inter have overcome many difficulties and created a wonderful thing from them. And if now the Nerazzurri flag is waving again with pride, all this is thanks to the leadership of the Mister Conte and to each of the players he was able to express great fighting spirit and unity, the excellent work of the entire management team, the never lacking commitment on the part of all Club employees, of the support and passion of our millions of fans. Thanks to every single member of the Great Nerazzurri Family.

In moments of greatest difficulty our courage is strengthened. Despite the impact of the pandemic on everyone’s health and the repercussions on the world of football of economic difficulties on a global level, we never let ourselves be discouraged but rather we felt encouraged to give our best. This is the spirit that distinguishes Inter and that we want to inspire all those who recognize themselves in our colors. We cannot know what obstacles the future holds but we do know what commitment and hard work is worth, so we must not be afraid of facing challenges on our path.

The result obtained is a symbol of the growth that the Club is achieving in all respects. In recent years, thanks to the reorganization of the company starting from its governance, with the sports area and financial management, Inter has embarked on a path of great and rapid development. The sporting results, the influence of the Nerazzurro brand, the commercial revenues and the value of the Club have grown, reaching the height of our ambitions and our commitment.

We won the Scudetto four days early, a wonderful goal. We still have four games ahead of us which, I am sure, we will face up to our performances. The Scudetto is not the conclusion but the beginning of Inter’s journey. I hope everyone continues to feel the hunger for victory, to give everything for the Nerazzurri colors, to fight for our goals.

Congratulations to the Italian Champions! Come on Inter!


Jindong Zhang

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