Refund Concerto J-Ax how to do it

Refund Concerto J-Ax how to do it
Refund Concerto J-Ax how to do it

The J-Ax concert scheduled at the Mediolanum Forum on June 20th has been officially canceled. “Given the persistent epidemiological situation linked to covid-19 and the persistence of the state of emergency, we are sorry to announce that the concert by J-Ax scheduled for Sunday 20 June at the Mediolanum Forum in Assago is canceled “, reads a note from the organization a few hours ago.

Even if the infections are decreasing, therefore, there is too much uncertainty in organizing an event of this magnitude. And the Milanese rapper throws in the towel. To get refunds, all the information is on the official website of Vivo Concerti.

“I also promised you that I would return your money, rather than withhold it for dates that no one in Italy can assure you today that it will be met with certainty. And when I say ‘returned’ I mean that the money will go back to your accounts, there they will be coupons or similar stuff pulled up to avoid giving the money back, “said J-Ax himself, who explains that he will return the ticket money instead of proceeding with the voucher system.

“I do not think it is correct for the situation that many people in Italy are still experiencing. I believe that even the price of a ticket today is convenient for a family and that if one has paid to see me in concert it is right that they see me, and not what is decided or imposed by a third party company. I’m sorry I got to this point, but I don’t like risking the lives of others or pissing anyone off. So the concert on June 20 was officially canceled. When we can meet again in concert I promise you it will be the best show of your life “, he concludes.


Refund Concerto JAx

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