negative consequences according to 97% of Italians

negative consequences according to 97% of Italians
negative consequences according to 97% of Italians

According to a recent survey by the Legacoop Observatory, 97% of Italians think that the DAD it will lead to negative psychological and social consequences. The survey in question was designed and created by the association’s AreaStudi together with the research partner Ipsos. On the other hand, with regard to the social consequences, according to 44% of the interviewees they will be long-lasting, but most of the concerns would emerge in the North-East (50%), in the lower-middle and popular class (49%) and among women. (48%). On the other hand, 42% of respondents think that there will be a gradual return to normal without any specific repercussions.

DAD: the consequences on young people

About the consequences on young people the poll shows greater pessimism. According to 52%, similar repercussions will last for a long time (this at least according to the thinking of 59% between the under and 30, 58% in the North East) while according to 36% everything will be resolved with the return to normality (of this opinion is the 40% of the interviewees among men and non-parents). The pandemic caused the Italian school to close more than once. Now it is time to restart, with the hope of a better future. The pandemic has certainly brought heavy repercussions to the three main elements of the school: parents, teachers and students.

Distance learning will remain even after the coronavirus

Distance learning will be an integral part of the school of the future. Something intuitive if you think about how the government, from 2020, has invested a lot in this alternative teaching. Distance lessons, or lessons done in a different way from traditional ones, will continue regularly even when thecoronavirus emergency will re-enter. The DAD will no longer be the exception, but will go hand in hand with frontal teaching. Although criticized, it is undisputed to say how this teaching method has allowed, despite the many difficulties, the continuation of the last two school years.

The Minister of Education announced the vital continuation of the DAD Patrizio Bianchi, who recently returned to the topic. If at first the DAD was criticized and seen as a palliative to the traditional school, now it is destined to become an integrative system to the normal frontal lessons, laying the foundations for a renewed school. Interviewed with SkyTg24, Bianchi stated that in the school of the future the DAD will continue to be a reality, but it will not be “what we saw last year”. The first difficulty to be overcome will be the “ability of everyone to use all the tools, otherwise it will be another source of discrimination”. Therefore, the ability not only to use these tools, but also to own them.


negative consequences Italians

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