Italian Army: Guerini, “be proud to belong to this great family”

(photo by Ministry of Defense)

“Men and women of the Italian Army, today we celebrate the 160th anniversary of the establishment of your Armed Force and with it we celebrate its weapons, its bodies and its specialties. We do it in the awareness that it represents a significant moment with only defense but for the whole nation ”. The Minister of Defense, Lorenzo Guerini, wrote this in the message for the 160th anniversary of the foundation of the Italian Army, published through the Twitter of the Ministry of Defense.

(photo by Ministry of Defense)

“To all of you, military and civilians, committed to carrying out your mission in Italy and in the operational theaters abroad, I wish to express my warmest and most sincere wishes, joined by those of the Government and all Italians, proud and grateful for your service “, continues Guerini who traces the history of the Army, from 4 May 1861 to today, underlining the continuous commitment for the country shown in every situation, including in the management of calamities, natural disasters and health emergencies such as that caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. “Today, after 160 years of history, we can and must proudly celebrate our Army for its convinced and conscious commitment to the service of citizens and the international community, the result of the shared values ​​of freedom, democracy and justice handed down by past generations and of which you must be proud “, the words of the Minister of Defense highlighting the technical and human preparation of soldiers who, every day, renew the meaning of the oath of loyalty in the field, confirming themselves as a solid security guard and an irreplaceable resource for Italy and the entire international community. “Be proud to belong to this great family, a fundamental component of the national military instrument, which gave so much to contribute to the constitution of our country and which continues to give so much to keep alive the founding values ​​of our beloved Republic. Italians know they can always count on you and me first. Long live the Italian Army! Long live the Armed Forces! Long live Italy! “.


Italian Army Guerini proud belong great family

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