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During the night, the joint commission of the Senate Budget and Finance gave the green light to the Sostegni decree. The provision, which expires on May 21, is now awaited in the Senate Chamber for the first reading. Speakers at Palazzo Madama are Roberta Toffanin (Fi), Daniele Manca (Pd) and for the opposition Luca De Carlo (FdI).

Ok to postpone deadlines to professionals with Covid – Green light for the suspension of the expiry of the terms relating to the obligations of the freelancer who contracts Covid-19: the amendment to the transversal support decree passed in the joint budget and finance commissions of the Senate, the first signatory was the senator of FdI Andrea de Bertoldi. The text establishes that “the non-transmission of deeds, documents and requests, as well as the non-payment within the deadline that entails non-compliance with the public administration by the qualified professional due to the supervening impossibility of the same for reasons connected to the Coronavirus 2 infection (SARS-CoV-2), does not imply forfeiture of the faculties, and in any case does not constitute a breach connected with the expiry of the same terms “and the non-fulfillment” does not produce effects on the professional and his client “. The deadlines, it says, are suspended “from the day of hospitalization, or from the day of commencement of the fiduciary home stay with active surveillance or from the day of commencement of quarantine with active surveillance, up to thirty days from the date of discharge from the health facility or conclusion of the fiduciary home stay or quarantine “, and the ‘frozen’ obligations must be carried out by the professional” within seven days following the expiry of the suspension period “. The coverage of the regulation is equal to 9.1 million euros for the year 2021.

Stop first installment Imu with 30% drop in turnover – Those who have a loss-making business will not have to pay the first installment of the IMU: the Budget and Finance commissions of the Senate have approved a reformulated amendment that provides for those with a 30% drop in turnover compared to 2019, the exemption from payment of the installment Imu of June on the properties where the business is owned and managed. The loss of revenue is 216 million (of which 73.5 million to be paid by the state and 142.5 million to be compensated to the municipalities). Green light also to the extension of the Irpef exemption for rents not collected on contracts signed even before 2020 (costs 45.2 million in 2021).

Fund for the separated in difficulty with maintenance – An ad hoc fund to help separated or divorced parents in difficulty due to Covid to guarantee the maintenance allowance: an amendment to the Sostegni decree reformulated and approved by the Budget and Finance committees of the Senate provides for this. The amendment provides for the establishment of a 10 million fund for 2021 for the disbursement of part or all of the allowance up to a maximum of 800 euros per month.

For clubs, stop fee for tables and Rai fees – Extension from 30 June to 31 December of the exemption from the tax on the occupation of public land and no payment of the RAI fee for hotels and public places that have had to close. This is foreseen by some amendments to the Sostegni dl approved in the Joint Budget and Finance Committee of the Senate. The extension of the stop to taxes on public land occupation, therefore also those for outdoor tables in bars and restaurants, costs 165 million. The stop on the Rai license fee, on the other hand, results in lower revenues for 83 million euros.

Funds to municipalities to avoid seats in schools – To find, in view of the autumn elections, premises to be used as alternative seats to schools: an amendment to the Sostegni decree approved by the Budget and Finance commissions of the Senate provides for this. Given the “postponement of electoral consultations for the year 2021”, the law establishes a fund of 2 million for the Ministry of the Interior to disburse contributions in favor of the Municipalities which by 15 July identify alternative locations to school buildings “to” reduce inconvenience for didactic activity “.

2 years to use skipped travel vouchers for Covid – More time to use vouchers for trips skipped due to Covid: the Budget and Finance committees of the Senate approved an amendment to the Sostegni decree which extends the duration of vouchers issued for flights, tickets by six months – from 18 months to two years of trains, stays in accommodation facilities, tourist packages but also for school trips and educational trips – including the fourth year abroad for high school students. It is also expected that these vouchers can be given to travel agencies. The refund at the end of the 24 months remains valid if the voucher remains unused.

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