Dl Sostegni, amendment to stop the fee for tables and the RAI fee

04 May 2021 11:43

Work is also being done on setting up a fund to help separated parents in difficulty with the maintenance allowance

Fund for separated parents in difficulty with maintenance Another amendment that is being worked on involves the establishment of an ad hoc fund to help separated or divorced parents in difficulty due to Covid to guarantee the maintenance allowance. The amendment provides for the establishment of a 10 million euro fund for 2021 for the disbursement of part or all of the allowance up to a maximum of 800 euros per month.

Stop first installment Imu with 30% drop in turnover On the other hand, the amendment has already been approved which provides that those who have an activity in advance of 30% compared to 2019 will not have to pay the first installment of the Imu of June on the properties where the business is owned and managed. The loss of revenue is 216 million (of which 73.5 million to be paid by the state and 142.5 million to be compensated to the municipalities). Green light also to the extension of the Irpef exemption for rents not collected on contracts signed even before 2020 (costs 45.2 million in 2021).


Two years to use vouchers for trips that are skipped due to Covid Ok also to the amendment that provides for an extension of six months, from 18 months to two years, for the duration of vouchers issued for flights, train tickets, stays in accommodation facilities, tourist packages but also for school trips and educational trips. It is also expected that these vouchers can be given to travel agencies. The refund at the end of the 24 months remains valid if the voucher remains unused.


Sostegni amendment stop fee tables RAI fee

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