Denmark, Johnson & Johnson vaccine suspended: what’s happening

Denmark, Johnson & Johnson vaccine suspended: what’s happening
Denmark, Johnson & Johnson vaccine suspended: what’s happening

For the vaccine Johnson & Johnson against covid comes the definitive stop in Denmark, after the rare cases of thrombosis found following administration. For the same reason Denmark had decided to block vaccinations with AstraZeneca.

The decision regarding the vaccine developed by the pharmaceutical company Janssen was taken at a meeting chaired by the Minister of Health, Magnus Heunicke.

“The European Medicines Agency (EMA) has concluded that there is a possible link between the rare but serious cases of blood clots and the Johnson & Johnson vaccine. As the covid-19 epidemic in Denmark is currently under control and the vaccination campaign is progressing satisfactorily with the other available vaccines, the Danish health authorities have decided to continue without the Johnson & Johnson vaccine “, reads in a statement from the Danish health authorities.

“It was a difficult decision to make in the midst of an epidemic, especially as we had to stop using the AstraZeneca vaccine as well. However, taking into account the current situation in Denmark, what we are currently losing in our effort to prevent serious covid-19 diseases cannot outweigh the risk of causing possible side effects in the form of severe blood clots in those we vaccinate. We must also bear in mind that, in the future, we will first vaccinate young and healthy people, ”says Deputy Director General Helene Probst.

The decision, as mentioned, follows that of April 14th to cancel the administration of the AstraZeneca vaccine in Denmark. The vaccination campaign in the country is proceeding only with Pfizer and Moderna products.

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