MIUI 13 will be announced on June 25 with many new features

MIUI 13 will be announced on June 25 with many new features
MIUI 13 will be announced on June 25 with many new features

Although the spread of the interface MIUI 12.5 is not yet very large, the Xiaomi has been working for some time on the next version of the Chinese giant’s custom UI, which will be launched under the name of MIUI 13.

Well, in the past few hours the date on which Xiaomi will officially present MIUI 13, that is Friday 25 June 2021, day in which we will finally be able to find out what news the manufacturer has in store for its wide community on the fan.

Xiaomi will launch the MIUI 13 interface next month

At present there is no information on what news and changes the next version of the interface will bring with it but there is no doubt that the team of the Chinese manufacturer will list among them an increase in stability and speed and an overall improvement of the user experience offered.

Among the features of MIUI 13 there could also be the one called Memory Expansion, i.e. the possibility for the user to permanently dedicate 1 GB of storage memory to RAM, a feature that could prove to be very convenient in low-end smartphones (those that come on the market with 2 GB or at most 4 GB of RAM).

MIUI 13 will almost certainly be available at an early stage only in China while for the release globally we will have to wait a little longer (probably a few months).

Usually the launch of a new version of the interface takes place on the occasion of the presentation of one or more smartphones and with good probability also for MIUI 13 this custom will be repeated: remember that the announcement of Xiaomi Mi MIX 4 is long awaited, which could be the model chosen by the Chinese giant to make its new UI debut.

As for MIUI 12.5, at the moment it has been distributed in China while the development of the version intended for other markets is proceeding rather slowly. The hope is that with MIUI 13 things can go a little better.

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MIUI announced June features

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