“The Inter fans? Because I would have taken to the streets too” – Libero Quotidiano

“The Inter fans? Because I would have taken to the streets too” – Libero Quotidiano
“The Inter fans? Because I would have taken to the streets too” – Libero Quotidiano

Out of hypocrisy. Guido Bertolaso he would have taken to the streets with the other fans if “his” had won the championship Roma. The person in charge of the vaccination campaign of the Lombardy region, interviewed by Corriere della Sera, collects the success of his work (“At the end of May I could follow the campaign from a distance. Then if another 25 million doses arrive in June for which we can force the pace, I could come back to settle the plan”), defines Lombardy the “locomotive” of immunization (“Of the 10 million Lombards, we have to vaccinate about 6,700,000. We are 3,500,000 with one dose and over a million immunized. In May we plan to do another 3 million administrations”). a certain, surprising detachment from what happened on Sunday afternoon in Piazza Duomo, with 50 thousand fans dell’Inter on the street, a maxi-gathering to celebrate the championship just won.

“I know Roma had won the Europa League, which is unlikely after the 6 goals scored in Manchester, I do not hide that maybe I would have done it too – he explains to He would run the former head of the Civil Protection, ironically where many virologists are already dramatizing -. It is to be condemned, but as a fan I understand that you want to cheer after a year in which it was never possible to go to the stadium to vent one’s passion. If there are problems in two weeks we will face them “. Hoping that” the machine “receives the right fuel:” To use a football metaphor, I said that we have a Champions League rhythm, we do more than a fifth of national administrations every day. Winning the Scudetto depends on how many doses they can give us. We could also do 150,000 a day, but they ask us for a cruising speed of 85/90,000 “.

And when the mission is completed, there are those who still hope to see him return to Rome, but as a candidate for mayor for the center-right: “I thanked him but I didn’t change my mind. I’m sure, I told him to look for someone else“, seems to close the question once and for all. Also because in his future there could be another probable mission:” There are friends who ask me to go and organize the vaccination campaign in Africa. I would also like to go to the South Pole by boat“. Perhaps less demanding than getting the capital back on track.

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