LIVE | Bianchi: “In 10 years fewer 1.4 million students. To increase school time, we need more teachers”

The combined Culture Committees of the Chamber and Senate, in the Sala del Mappamondo, carry out the hearing of the Minister of Education, Patrizio Bianchi, on the programmatic lines of his department.

“Il the issue of overcoming disparities within our country, dispersion. These are all elements that negatively affect our country. We have called our programmatic lines ‘The driving school of the country’“.

There are two lines of linking education to development. Increase skills to increase competitiveness. investing in education also means increasing the number of those who participate in the active life of the country“.

There are two important lines: on one axis people, students, all school staff and families and one axis which is organization and governance.

We must also get our hands on the structures of the Ministry“, Adds Bianchi.

The summer plan is not a project for the summer but a bridge for the next school year“, Explained Bianchi who underlines how the action must be seen in the logic for a rebalancing.

The Minister also focuses on students with frailty and disabilities. “We have our experiences. A system that works“.

As for theorientationthe relationship between students and families needs to be tied more. It is important to prepare the boys in time. Orientation means not leaving families and children alone in a choice that will determine their lives. The right to education is a right if it works for everyone“.

The Mef has recognized the staff of the past and has given us something more. In the next 10 years we will have 1 million and 400 thousand fewer children, therefore we should have had many fewer teachers. We need teachers to have smaller classes and increase school time. We have to get out of linear mechanics tot teachers-tot students. We also need more managers. Managers have a fundamental function, we have not given due weight to the burden of the commitments they have had, it goes and will be recognized more in the contractual confrontation“.

I don’t want to destroy the classical high school at the expense of the ITS. We have to enrich. Its have their own autonomy. We have to get out of the cages of the 900“.

When teachers had to use digital tools last year, they got busy. Of course, with different results in the area, but everyone did what they could. This is why a systematic training program is needed. The NRP also foresees it and gives us the resources for it“.

Access to the profession must be prepared. It must be understood that this training path must accompany the teacher even on the jobs. We must have a recruitment schedule that can guarantee continuity and that allows us to have a certain number of outgoing teachers and a certain number of admissions each year“.

We also need to think about the transitional solution for those with experience. But there are so many different situations. We are reasoning with the MEF to recognize the qualifications and merits of these teachers


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