I Am Batman is the game that fans have been waiting for for years

I Am Batman is the game that fans have been waiting for for years
I Am Batman is the game that fans have been waiting for for years

The character of Batman it is certainly one of the most loved among those belonging to the DC Comics publishing universe.

Over the years, also thanks to the overwhelming success of the various films dedicated to the Dark Knight, the alter-ego of Bruce Wayne also made its debut in the world of video games.

After the end of the majestic saga of Batman: Arkham, however, players around the world have been orphaned of a new title dedicated to the Bat Man.

Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League it will only share the Batman’s narrative universe Rocksteady Studios, while Gotham Knights will exclusively stage the Bat-Family.

Bruce’s orphaned fans can now turn their attention to a truly amazing fan project: I Am Batman.

Inspired by the 1989 film directed by the legendary Tim Burton, the game made non-profit shows an action adventure based on the atmosphere of the classic Warner Bros ..

A little below, you can admire a tech demo of the game in action, really surprising.

The suggestive Gotham City of the burtonverse, the iconic Batmobile of Michael Keaton’s Batman and many of the historic locations seen in the original film are truly breathtaking.

At the moment it is not clear if and when this fan-made title will actually see the light, although we remember once again that it is unfortunately an unofficial project.

For those waiting for news on the DC side, Gotham Knights curated by Warner Bros. Montreal has recently been postponed to next year, while the game dedicated to Harley Quinn and associates lacks a release date.

The Suicide Squad game will in any case be set in Metropolis and will also see Deadshot, Captain Boomerang and King Shark.

Either way, the next DC FanDome event scheduled for October 16 should raise the curtain on a large number of projects related to the Batman universe.

If you missed the Batman Arkham made by Rocksteady, the Batman Return to Arkham collection is now available at a discounted price on Amazon!

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