The Zoophile Guards of the Enpa in Rome save a mother gull and her pullo

The volunteers and the Zoophile Guards of the Enpa of Rome today received a call directly from Palazzo Chigi: the objective is the recovery of a mother gull and her pullo.

Arrived on the spot they recovered the seagull and its pullo on the fourth floor. After having secured the two animals in special carriers, they have now headed to the Lipu Wild Fauna Recovery Center. Mother seagull was freed while the little pullo will be treated in the center since she suffered a hematoma in the fall.

“Notoriously, the seagulls, mistaking our buildings for rock walls, nest on our roofs – explains Enpa – the intervention in this case was exceptional due to the evident traumas reported by the specimen in the fall but it should be emphasized that the young gulls are precocious and if you see a pullo on the ground, brown in color, able to walk, do not touch it.

They are in fact already autonomous or in any case followed by their parents. If, on the other hand, the bird is visibly injured, it is advisable to call the brigade, the municipality or an association such as the ENPA and never resort to do-it-yourself. We remember, in fact, that they are wild animals and therefore protected by law ”.

(source: SAY)

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Zoophile Guards Enpa Rome save mother gull pullo

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