Registry: issue of certificates in Milan tobacconists

Registry: issue of certificates in Milan tobacconists
Registry: issue of certificates in Milan tobacconists

New neighborhood counters for the issue of registry certificates. The agreement between the Municipality of Milan and the FIT (Italian Tobacconist Federation) has been signed which will allow tobacconists in the area to issue personal certificates.
In this first phase, 32 tobacconists in different districts of the city will offer citizens the opportunity to request one of the 14 available registry certificates, at a maximum cost of 2 euros.

“After the excellent response obtained thanks to the agreement with newsstands, which a little less than a year after the start of the activity have already issued over 67 thousand certificates, comments the councilor for Digital Transformation and Civic Services, Roberta Cocco – with this new agreement we expand the number of “neighborhood counters” available to citizens. Tobacconists represent an important physical proximity garrison that fits into the framework of initiatives to really experience the city in 15 minutes and flank the online services, the use of which is constantly growing and thanks to which it is possible to avoid long journeys in the city “.

“We are really satisfied to be able to collaborate with the institutions so that our activities can be close to the citizens, facilitating them in their daily tasks and thus also carrying out a service function – declares Emanuele Marinoni, president of the Italian Tobacconist Federation of the Province of Milan. – Our category immediately responded well to this new project and soon other tobacconists will join it ”.

The participating tobacconists will be able to issue certificates: Contextual (Birth, Residence, Citizenship, Existence in life), Contextual AIRE, Contextual and family status, Citizenship, De facto cohabitation, Existence in life, Marriage, Death, Birth, Residence, State of family, free state, civil union, certificate of cohabitation contract.

Here is the List of participating tobacconists.


Registry issue certificates Milan tobacconists

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