6, 9 or 12 months? Here is the unknown immunity of the vaccinated

While waiting for the Green Pass to be operational, the digital certificate that will allow all vaccinated, former positives and people with a negative swab to travel and move within 48 hours, the biggest unknown remains: but how long does the protection offered by vaccines? Six months, nine months or more?

The summer unknowns

The problem arises for all healthcare workers vaccinated at the beginning of the vaccination campaign (between the end of December and January), for whom the six months of certain protection produced by the anti-Covid vaccine will “expire” between June and July. And there is also the problem of the duration of the vaccination pass: how much will last? At present it is logical that it cannot last more than six months but what will happen with the white coats vaccinated at the beginning? Do you give them a pass that lasts 30 days and then expires? And again, once it has expired, will they be entitled to the booster dose or will we have to wait for the entire vaccination campaign to be completed in the meantime and then start over? All these are, probably, questions that remain unanswered for a long time, at least until science gives answers.

What Science Says

The data of the scientific literature available up to now speak of a protection period induced by vaccines ranging from six to twelve months. The European Agency for the Control and Prevention of Infectious Diseases (Ecdc), has declared that, pending new results from all the studies in progress, a maximum protection of six months should be considered, the after is to be seen. “Any decision on the duration of the pass, as the EU has already clarified, is linked to the agency’s ruling – says Fortunato Paolo D’Ancona, epidemiologist doctor, researcher at the Higher Institute of Health al Everyday occurrenceActually, for now, let’s talk about an indication indicative, it is believed that the period of protection from the virus may be longer, but it will be necessary to wait for further scientific data. For this reason, we are now all waiting for a new ECDC opinion, which will become the official position of the EU and a cascade of the member countries.“. Meanwhile, as anticipated, uncertainty reigns among all doctors, nurses, social and health workers and employees of hospitals or local health authorities who, having received the vaccine in the first months of the year, are trying to understand how they can use the green pass to get around The European Parliament has asked for the extension of validity to one year but the last answer will be given by scientific evidence.

Infections in health care vaccinated in Taormina

To make it clear how thorny the protection issue is, are the events that occurred in the last hours at the hospital in Taormina: as reported by Messinatoday, a Covid outbreak broke out which forced the transfer of some patients to other hospitals on the island. But the most disturbing thing, in some ways, concerns some infections among health personnel already vaccinated. The virus affected 11 people and, among them, also some white coats vaccinated in the first months of the year. Among other things, the only patient who is in critical condition had also already been vaccinated. Same fate, last week, in the Inrca hospital in Cosenza where an outbreak broke out involving 7 people including a doctor.

Who will be re-vaccinated first?

Also in the light of these cases which, if on the one hand they are rare but exist, another question arises: when will the third dose, so-called “di recall“Who was vaccinated at the beginning? Commissioner Figliolo spoke of accelerating the vaccination campaign up to one million doses per day in the coming weeks and reservations open to all Under 65s once those for Over 65s are completed, but he has not never explicitly said when doctors and nurses can be vaccinated again for whom the vaccine is not only the tool to go on holiday peacefully but to work in peace with positive patients. In Israel, taken for example by everyone, they have created a vaccination passport lasting six months, extendable by another six but, in any case, it is not even possible to start the second round of vaccinations with the so-called booster, the third dose, after having done a serological test to check if you still have antibodies. “No international institution has yet foreseen the booster – explains D’Ancona – The goal now is to complete the vaccination campaign, reaching the widest range of the population, waiting for evidence to suggest when it is time to administer the third dose. In the meantime, pharmaceutical companies are already studying serums that guarantee protection even in the face of variants of the virus“.

How the pass works

But how does the pass work? The certificate can be digital o in paper format and, through a Qr code, will certify the vaccination against Covid and the number of doses received or the healing in the previous six months and the presence of the relative antibodies (by test) or the negative result of a tampon. The test phase of the European system is expected to start on 10 May and sixteen European countries will take part, among which, in addition to Italy, Germany, France and Spain, another eight states (Latvia, Romania, Cyprus, Ireland, Portugal, Poland, Denmark and Slovenia) are expected to start testing towards the end of May, while five, including Belgium, have decided to connect directly with the platform being implemented. The situation, at the moment, is really very complex and tangled.

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