Italia viva accusation Report: “Clarify if you paid 45 thousand euros for services against Renzi”. Ranucci: “Only mud, they are based on a false dossier”

Italia viva accusation Report: “Clarify if you paid 45 thousand euros for services against Renzi”. Ranucci: “Only mud, they are based on a false dossier”
Italia viva accusation Report: “Clarify if you paid 45 thousand euros for services against Renzi”. Ranucci: “Only mud, they are based on a false dossier”

Just on the day that Report will broadcast on Rai3 the service anticipated exclusively by Daily fact on the meeting between Matteo Renzi e Marco Mancini del Dis in December 2020, Italy alive makes heavy accusations against the investigation program led by Siegfried Ranucci. The deputy Luciano Nobili, a note from the party reads, he presented a parliamentary question to find out if Rai has paid a “alleged invoice from 45 thousand euros to a Luxembourg company for pack up services against Renzi“. Nobili asks several questions, brings up a report on the relationship between Renzi and the United Arab Emirates aired in November 2020, asks if Report had relations with a former collaborator of the Piaggio Aerospace and also calls into question the former spokesman of Palazzo Chigi Rocco Casalino, to which Rai would have sent emails “concerning services that would have been packaged in order to damage the image of Senator Matteo Renzi “. Attacks that Ranucci dryly sends back to the sender: “It’s about mud: Report in 25 anni he never paid a source and above all he has never made services against. We have like sole publisher reference is the public that pays the fee “. On the matter in these hours, among others, Alessandro Di Battista, who speaks of Iv’s “pressure” on Rai, and the vice president of the Senate Paola Taverna.

Ranucci’s reply to Italia viva – The case erupted in the afternoon when Iv released a note announcing the parliamentary question. The reply from the curator and conductor of Report, which also disputes the alleged exchange of email with Casalino. In Iv’s note “reference is made to some emails that I would have exchanged with the spokesman for Conte at the time Rocco Casalino even on letterhead“, He explains. “I never use letterhead, I’ve never sent mail to Casalino. It is a dossier poisoned on us on whose tracks we had already been for some time, fortunately we had intercepted him from January and also other colleagues who were about to print it realized that it was a resounding fake“. Ranucci then notes the timing with which Nobili has decided to present a question in Parliament. “All this happens, individually, the day we announced and will air tonight at images concerning Senator Renzi whom he meets at the edge of a service station the secret agent 007 Marco Mancini, the agent who had been involved in an illegal filing activity in the Telecom case in 2006 and the kidnapping of Abu Omar |“. “The greatest bitterness – says Ranucci – is to acknowledge that these notes come precisely from same people which in these hours have evoked freedom of expression in Fedez case. Here, I mean that the freedom of expression it cannot be evoked as if it were a T-shirt, that you take it off in the evening and put it back in a drawer and put it back on when it suits you. We will air regularly tonight at 21.20 su Rai3 ″.

The Renzi-Mancini case – During the episode the service of Giorgio Mottola anticipated today on the Done, which tells of a meeting that took place in autogrill between the former dem secretary and the agent of the Dis (the agency that coordinates the internal and foreign secret services) Mancini. All in December 2020, that is when the maneuvers to bring down the the Giallorossi government and the then Prime Minister Conte was under attack on the cybersecurity and the delegation to services. Renzi himself spoke on the matter in these hours on Twitter: “Message to inconsolable: the Conte government did not fall for intrigues, plots or secret meetings (at the motorway restaurant) “, wrote the former prime minister, complete with emoticon laughing. “Draghi is simply better than Conte and Italy today is more credible. That’s all, it’s called politics“. During the day, the leader of IV also provided journalists with a link (not indexed) containing the full video of an interview that Report he did on April 30, the contents of which will probably be shown on TV tonight.

Regarding the meeting with Mancini, Renzi explains that he had to meet him in Senate, but “I had forgotten about it, we felt while I was already traveling towards Florence and he joined me at the motorway restaurant a Fiano Romano. It is very strange that there was someone a resume this video“. What was discussed? “Doctor Mancini had an excellent relationship with the President Conte. So on the appointments we have to talk about it with Conte. Also because I have never spoken about the appointments of the services for a specific day: 4 December 2016, when I lost the referendum and resigned. Who decides is the Prime Minister. So since then I have never spoken, I only asked President Conte to leave the role of delegated authority “. In the interview, Renzi also mentions the Report file which is the basis of Nobili’s parliamentary question: “There is a parliamentary question on this and when there is an answer from the Minister of the Economy we will see if, as I think and hope, it is one of those many dossiers that are sent and they are not true, ”says the founder of Iv. “I hope that such an important Rai program does not pay someone for say untruth. I also pay Rai for the rest … I don’t believe it. I have no doubt that your behavior is crystalline. However, I have not seen the dossier “.

The text of the parliamentary question – These are the questions posed by Nobili al Ministry of Economy (which holds the shares of Rai): “If they have intervened economic relations in November 2020 between company Tarantula Luxembourg Sarl and Rai TV and in particular if there is one invoice with object Alitalia / Piaggio paid by Rai to this company for a total of 45,000 euros and, if applicable, who authorized it “. Two: “If the drafting of reports ever had intercourse with Dr. Francesco Maria Tuccillo, former collaborator of Piaggio Aerospace, and whether there were economic relations between the Luxembourg company and Dr. Francesco Maria Tuccillo“. The question, explained by Iv, refers to some services aired in the past. In the broadcast of November 30, we read, “the reports of Renzi government with the United Arab Emirates and a conference in Abu Dhabi subsequently held by Senator Matteo Renzi ”. They then interviewed “witnesses who fear personal and favorable relationships – including the non-existent payment for a private flight – between Dr. Alberto Galassi, former CEO and then President of Piaggio Aerospace, and the entourage of Senator Matteo Renzi “. We therefore arrive at February 2, 2021, when “the newspapers Il Foglio, Il Giornale and Il Tempo allude to alleged emails exchanged between the then spokesman of Palazzo Chigi Rocco Casalino and Rai, concerning services that would have been packaged in order to damage the image of Senator Matteo Renzi ”. Italia viva asks for clarification, stressing that “the service in question is strangely broadcast twice, the second on February 28, 2021”.

The reactions – The story is triggering a wave of controversy against living Italy in these hours. Alessandro Di Battista he tells the Renzi-Mancini case on Facebook and writes that “the preview of Report has just come out some “henchmen” of Italia Viva they stated that a parliamentary question on a payment made by Report to a ‘source’ is on the way to obtain information to be used against Renzi. You should know that if a parliamentary question is presented, it is much more difficult to denounce the parliamentarian who is the author of it for defamation. In a normal world this would also be fair since political acts should never be syndicated. But in today’s Italy, many politicians use the Institutions for personal purposes. Report announces a report on Renzi and the parliamentarians of Italia Viva try to ‘put pressure on‘using public documents, therefore, in fact, public money. All less than 48 hours after the hypocritical outcry by the politicians on the Fedez-Rai case ”. Di Battista then invites everyone to watch Report tonight: “It’s the best way to defend ourselves“. The vice president of the Senate Taverna (M5s) also lasts: “You are perhaps trying to shut up Report? Do you want to limit Ranucci’s freedom of information and expression? ”, He writes. “Renzi has by chance something to hide about these meetings? Tonight I would have had commitments, but now I am sure that I will find a way to see the service that will be broadcast on Rai3 ″.

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