He cuts his girlfriend to pieces, throws her in a dumpster and then hangs himself

He cuts his girlfriend to pieces, throws her in a dumpster and then hangs himself
He cuts his girlfriend to pieces, throws her in a dumpster and then hangs himself


The hypothesis on which the Mobile of Bologna is working after the discovery of the bodies

The Scientific Police (Ansa / Maurizio Degl’Innocenti)

He would kill her first, then tear her body apart and throw it in a garbage can. Back home, he would have hanged himself. This is the hypothesis on which the mobile team of Bologna is working on the discovery which took place today, on the outskirts of the city, of a woman’s body, in a story in which, however, some points remain to be clarified.

Emma Pezemo was 31 years old, came from Cameroon and was studying in Bologna to become a social health worker. Was engaged to Jacques Honorè Ngouenet, 43 years old, also from Cameroon. He was currently being treated for some psychiatric problems. Yesterday they spent the day together. When Emma didn’t come home this morning, her roommates got worried and called Jacques who told them he didn’t know anything and to share their concern.

So they called the police to report the disappearance. The roommates did not report any particular disagreements or quarrels between the two, but the agents of the mobile team immediately went to Jacques’ house, finding him hanged.

Shortly after, some people reported traces of blood on a dumpster, inside which the macabre discovery was made: Emma’s body torn to pieces, probably with an ax or a large cleaver.

To suggest that it is a suicide homicide is above all a note that the man left. Written in French, with somewhat rambling phrases, it would contain, according to investigators, elements that make it clear that he is responsible for the fact. The investigations, of course, do not stop and further indications will arrive in the coming days from the examination of the corpses.

We will look for evidence to what, in the current state of things, seems to be the explanation of the case: a man who killed his girlfriend, inferred about her body, then decided to kill himself. However, if any element were to cast doubt on this reconstruction, the scenario that would open would be even more disturbing.


cuts girlfriend pieces throws dumpster hangs

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