stopped shortly before take off

stopped shortly before take off
stopped shortly before take off

A doctor positive for Covid-19 attempted to board a flight to Milano. To report what happened are the men of the air border police of the airport of Lamezia Terme, in the province of Catanzaro: according to a first reconstruction of the facts, the man, a doctor of 45 years originally from Reggio Calabria but resident in Milan, he provided false statements to the authorities in order to get on the flight. Yet the molecular swab performed the April 27 was positive: when the Crisis Unit contacted him to communicate the positivity and force him to quarantine, he explained that he was already in Milan where he had just arrived with a Ryanair flight taken the same day.

Stopped by the police just before boarding

After the doctor’s statement, the reports started: the airline and the authorities of Lamezia Terme airport were immediately contacted. Until the bitter discovery arrived a few hours later: give him investigations – as the Gazzetta del Sud explains – it emerged that the doctor had not actually left during the day, but was rather waiting to board a Ryanair flight to Milan Malpensa in the evening.

For the doctor the complaints were triggered

The policemen who found the man in one of the waiting areas of the Calabrian airport. The agents, who intervened in time, were thus able to prevent him from boarding the plane and forcing him to go home to Reggio Calabria to start the quarantine. The complaint: now before the judges he will have to explain why he provided false statements to the authorities of the Reggio Calabria Crisis Unit and why, despite being aware of his positivity to the virus, he tried at all costs to take the plane risking to blow up a outbreak. The man, even more serious a doctor, was ready to violate all the health regulations in force in order to get to Milan.


stopped shortly

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