The prefect of Milan: “Closing Piazza del Duomo would have been even worse” – News

The prefect of Milan: “Closing Piazza del Duomo would have been even worse” – News
The prefect of Milan: “Closing Piazza del Duomo would have been even worse” – News

MILANO. “It was likely that such events could occur. The important thing is that they never happen again.

People must be asked to respect the security measures. I hope and hope that the infections do not increase, but we will be able to say this in two weeks. “So il President of the Lombardy Region, Attilio Fontana, commented on the gatherings of Inter fans last night in Piazza Duomo for the Scudetto party.

Inter championship, euphoria in Milan

Inter champion of Italy, the Nerazzurri Milan pours into the streets

“We hope – added Fontana – that situations of this kind have not resulted in any consequences and we hope that in the future further scenes of this kind will be avoided because honestly they risk being a bit dangerous.

“Joy can be understood but I believe that the sense of responsibility must prevail over it: 121 thousand dead must have taught us something. Honoring their death means avoiding gatherings”, he said. the president of the Superior Health Council and coordinator of the Scientific Technical Committee Franco Locatelli. “All gathering occasions – he added – must be absolutely avoided, including the celebrations of the fans of the football team that won the championship”.

“When the people of the fans, in an absolutely spontaneous and unorganized way, take to the streets to celebrate the championship that has been awaited for years, it is necessary to combine the reasons for preventing contagion with the management of public order and with the protection of people’s safety. – declares in a notary the prefect of Milan, Renato Saccone -. We estimated that closing Piazza Duomo, a large urban space with numerous escape routes, would inevitably have been an occasion for even more dense and risky gatherings, from every point of view “.” In front of thirty thousand cheering fans, about ten thousand at the peak in Piazza Duomo – adds prefect Saccone – no fire hydrants are used, nor does it make sense to cordon off a city. We work to avoid accidents of any kind, which have not occurred, to reduce festive events over time, with respect for the ‘curfew’, to safeguard the many commercial and catering activities and the widespread Sunday stroll of a spring afternoon in the yellow zone, as it was “.” With this approach, targeted and flexible services have been planned and prepared, with the awareness that the management of public order is a delicate balance between interests that do not always coincide, whose positive results are not they are easily visible because they often consist of “what does not happen”.

“Couldn’t Sala let 20,000 fans into a stadium that contains 80,000, instead of keeping quiet and running away? Does Milan still have a mayor?”: This is what the leader of the Matteo Salvini League. Immediately the reply of the mayor of Milan, Giuseppe Sala: “The former Minister of the Interior, Matteo Salvini he asks: ‘Couldn’t Sala have 20,000 fans in a stadium that contains 80,000?’ The answer is no. First of all because the stadiums are closed. And then, how do 20,000 fans enter and leave without gathering? “Sala then added the hashtag ministropercaso, referring to Salvini, to his post on social media.

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