Amara case, on loggia Hungary they investigate Rome, Perugia and Brescia. Yellow on Ermini and Mattarella

Amara case, on loggia Hungary they investigate Rome, Perugia and Brescia. Yellow on Ermini and Mattarella
Amara case, on loggia Hungary they investigate Rome, Perugia and Brescia. Yellow on Ermini and Mattarella

I minutes by Piero Amara, l’former external lawyer of Eni, on the alleged existence of a so-called “lodge Hungary”- of which they would belong magistrates, politicians and alti representatives of the institutions – they would have been transmitted to the Prosecutor of Perugia only in last January, ie one year after revelations made between the end of 2019 and the first months of 2020 in front of the pm Milanese Laura Pedio and Paolo Storari. And what is learned in judicial circles.

A delay that would confirm theimmobility of the investigation denounced by Storari, which has delivered the minutes at the then member of the CSM Piercamillo Davigo to protect themselves.

The pm milanese now risks being accused of having violated the secret, with possible consequences on a disciplinary level.

The fact is that the pm of Milan Paolo Storari would sent several emails, as well about ten, at the top of the office for ask to investigate on statements by the lawyer Piero Amara on the alleged lodge Hungary.

The magistrate would have written to prosecutor Francesco Greco, but, with the passage of time and theimmobility in the Prosecutor’s Office it would have delivered the minutes at the then director of CSM Piercamillo Davigo so that the presidency committee of Palazzo dei Marescialli, but without making one ‘formal’ letter of transmission.

“I prefer not to talk about it, it’s a story that saddens me. There is a very specific story and then there are many narratives, many storytelling“Says the chief prosecutor of Milan Francesco Greco intervening on the affair.

Davigo, consulted by Everyday occurrence, he says he warned “who is responsible“. The vice-president of the CSM, the former Renzian parliamentarian Davide Ermini? Or even the president of the CSM, that is Mattarella? Mattarella, therefore, do you know about the affair? And what did he say about it?

The role of is now also under discussion Amara. That he offers himself as repentant of a system after being arrested on very serious charges. And that has thrown the mud on very mirror people as the magistrate Sebastiano Ardita.

“All the times Amara was heard for having made accusations has always been believed to be reliable, as shown, for example, numerous proceedings a Roma, it’s at Messina”, dice all’Adnkronos the lawyer Salvino Mondello defender of Piero Amara.

The secret reports of the interrogations made to the Milanese magistrates in December 2019 which also spoke of the alleged Masonic lodge called ‘Hungary‘, arrived in October 2020 to some newspapers including Republic is Daily fact. In this context it was the home of the secretary of the Davigo office at the CSM, Marcella Counterfeit, was searched. And they would be found copies of those minutes.

The clerk did appeal to the Review Court on the material seized during the searches ordered by pm of the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Rome . And the hearing was set for May 6.

The woman, employed at the CSM now suspended from office, defended bylawyer Alessia Angelini, is under investigation for slander dai pm capitolini as part of the investigation into dissemination of secret reports of interrogations returns from Amara.

Amara “It has always been considered reliable: that the contrary is stated is only an interested attempt to discredit it – adds the criminal lawyer dell’ex-legal Eni – We are keeping to the judicial results arrived after his declarations ”.

Sui contents of the minutes and the magistrates of the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Rome and Perugia. In addition to Milan Public Prosecutor’s Office.

There are three people already registered in Milano, now a year ago, for the alleged lodge Hungary.

As reported by the Corriere della Sera and confirmed by sources of the Milanese prosecutor, in May 2020 they were registered for secret association l’lawyer Piero Amara e one of his collaborators.

Now from what we learn from the same judicial circles there is also a third suspect, another collaborator at the time of theEni external lawyer at the center of several investigations of the Search.

The file on the alleged loggia it was then broadcast months ago to the Prosecutor of Perugia.

“The checks on the existence or not and in what forms of a ‘secret association belong to the magistrates, we remain available for those who want to hear from us ”, underlines the lawyer of Amara.

And since we are talking about possible crimes committed by Milanese magistrates – that is the transmission of the minutes of Amara from Storari a Davigo – the also moves Prosecutor of Brescia, with territorial jurisdiction.

“We are at the beginning of the beginning. I am acquiring news and information, formally the knowledge dossier not yet open, it’s a matter of days “, he admits, speaking with theAdnkronos, the chief prosecutor of Brescia, Francesco Prete.

In particular Brescia investigates precisely what happened in the Milanese prosecutor driven by Francesco Grecoex-pm of Clean Hands come Davigo – where the pm Paolo Storari he turned to the then member of the CSM Piercamillo Davigo to denounce theimmobility with respect to the statements made by Amara, Eni’s former external lawyer, also on the alleged lodge Hungary.

Still soon to understand if in Search a Brescia the Milanese protagonists of this case will be heard. “I have to understand what direction things will take”, concludes the Attorney Priest. Certainly not the best time for judiciary still struggling with the Palamara case.

“The scandal that affects the Csm and large sectors of the judiciary cannot remain without following. It is urgent to approve one Commission of inquiry by Parliament, because the events that are discrediting the judiciary they are too numerous and too serious to ignore – he says Maurizio Gasparri. – Who knows you speak. The positions of too many protagonists of this story are not clear. Davigo Who did you deliver the material to and who did you talk to? THE top management of the institutionsi, to whom Italy looks confidently also for the constitutional functions they hold, must say a word of clarity and truth. Did Davigo speak to the Quirinale? E Greco who did you talk to? “.

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