Milan, the capital of sport: the signal for the restart

Beyond Piazza Duomo, inevitably and very unresponsively assembled by the Nerazzurri, in addition to the mural that redefines the outline of the former trotting stadium with Lukaku even more giant than it already is, there is a value that embraces the whole city in this Scudetto of the ‘Inter. It is the symbol of a rebirth that begins in sport. Yes, because the paradox is that in the darkest year, in the year that erased all the certainties gained in months and months of conquests, Milan is back in command.

Scudetto Inter, the prefect of Milan: “Closing Piazza Duomo would have created more gatherings”. Sala a Salvini: “Impossible the party at the stadium”

03 May 2021

There is the Inter Scudetto, there is the current second place of Milan shared with Juve and Atalanta, that Milan that had led until February 14 in a head to head that has not been seen since time immemorial. Change of scene, basketball, there is Armani who just tomorrow night will play the last matchpoint for a place among the top four in Europe, if it happens, twenty-nine years later. In volleyball, Powervolley won the Challenge Cup for the first time. And in the background, the Olympics, that 2026 with Cortina that now seems less distant. “Expo 2015 kicked off a new season that brought a lot of work, now we have to start all over again, the new big event of 2026 is the point of arrival, let’s get to work right away” Mayor Sala tweeted on May 1st and the last football step.

Before the analysis of this sporting phenomenon there is the news. That is those thirty thousand who invaded Piazza Duomo and the center and canceled all appeals to responsibility in half an hour. The horns, those went on until late in the evening and it was right after so much waiting and so many months locked in the house. But what happened before inevitably opened the controversy and turned the party into a Covid gathering, thus moving it beyond the rules. Yet Inter had been clear from the start, “let’s celebrate in a responsible way” but it was not like that and together with the obvious political attacks by the center-right on Mayor Sala there was also criticism from Confcommercio. “I wonder, however, why in Milan, in the Darsena or in the Brera, it is necessary to cordon off the streets to avoid crowds and in Piazza Duomo thousands can pour out in an uncontrolled way” said Marco Barbieri, secretary general. There was a meeting room-quaestor-prefect. And it must be said that the remote control has prevented the situation from degenerating dangerously.

Inter Italian champion, the jokes of the Nerazzurri comedians: “But there’s no joking about the Scudetto”

by Sandro De Riccardis

03 May 2021

Let’s go back to sport. And to rebirth. If there was to be a signal, it’s nice that it started from here. Because basically everything is linked, there is a before, a during Covid – the tourists passed from 10 million in 2019 to three in 2020 – and there will be a post Covid and on a sunny Sunday and full restaurants with tables in every space and even more the ball allows you to look forward. There have also been important weeks in the last cursed year, but the one that has just ended has given itself even greater significance. Because it was the first of the definitive qualitative leap in the vaccination campaign, after weeks of controversy and sensational errors, the system has proven to work, a tour of the hubs is heartening and the numbers are there to give the first injection of hope, numbers that push Letizia Moratti to talk about Italian leadership in herd immunity. Because it was the week that confirmed the Salone del Mobile in September after days of discussions and only a newfound compactness convinced even the most skeptical, those who did not want to jump beyond the difficulties. The Salone del Mobile, with President Mattarella to inaugurate, will take place at the beginning of September and that will really be the restart, the start of a new life for the whole economy put to the test by fourteen months of Covid. Finally, because it was the week of the Inter Scudetto but also of AC Milan’s newfound victory that chased away threatening clouds and Armani hopes of a European dream, if he will play them tomorrow in his Forum, which is still empty.

Not bread and circuses, no, rather the desire to regain possession of a horizon. And the basic piece is sport. “At this moment I am very happy, with a partisan joy” explains Alberto Mantovani, one of the most important Italian and Inter scientists, who this year has always lived it at the forefront and has never lost hope. “But I go beyond cheering for Inter. I had the pleasure of having Zanetti and Maldini at the university with us at Humanitas, they left my students a trace that I would like to be able to leave to the boys. An example of social responsibility, of seriousness, work. Here, the three characteristics of Milan, which will raise Milan and consequently the whole country.

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